CBD Dosage for Dogs: How Much Should I Give My Dog?


CBD is not just for humans anymore. CBD doses for dogs are becoming more popular because of their many benefits. CBD provides relief from pain, anxiety, and inflammation in both humans and animals alike. So if you’re wondering how much CBD to give your dog, don’t worry! The answer is below.

Things to Consider Before Giving CBD to Your Dog

Figuring out how much CBD to give your dog can be a little confusing. The amount of cbd you should give will depend on the weight and health of your dog, as well as what they are being treated for.

It would be best to consider that there is no standard dose because every animal’s needs are different. For example, you would not want to give too large or low a dosage based on one size fits all recommendations found online since it could potentially harm your pet if given incorrectly.

All in all, follow these quick tips below before giving CBD dosages for dogs:

  1. Work with an expert who has experience in this field when trying out any new treatment like CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs. It doesn’t matter what your dog is being treated for or their breed type/size.
  2. Be careful with dosages that are too high since they could cause more harm than good.
  3. Figure out the dosage range you want to be in and work from there when figuring out how much CBD oil to give your puppy. Keep a journal of what works best, so you know exactly when it’s time to up the dosage again if need be.

General CBD Dosage Guidelines For Dogs

There are no universal dosages for general pet health that you will find online or in one place. This is because everyone’s needs and wants are different when it comes to CBD treatment.

That being said, these general guidelines below can be used if your pup is dealing with any of the following (or similar symptoms):

  • Lethargy/low energy levels
  • Inflammation issues like arthritis or hip dysplasia
  • Joint pain caused by old age or injury

It’s also recommended that you give up to 20mg per kilogram of bodyweight since most dogs won’t need more than that amount daily. However, you may want to start smaller at around 15 instead of before working your way up if needed.

How Much CBD You Should Give to Your Dog By Size

As mentioned above, the easiest way to figure out how much CBD oil you should give your dog is by determining its weight. There are many different dosages for each size of dog but these are what you can expect if using 15mg per kilogram of body weight:

  1. Small Dogs (up to 22 lbs) – 0-15 mg (.005-.030 ml) once daily
  2. Medium Dogs (23-69 lbs) – 16-30 mg (.060-.120 ml) once daily
  3. Large Dogs (>70 lbs) – 31+ mg (.12+) once daily

If given more than one dosage at a time, add them all up together to determine how much total CBD oil was given during that specific period. For example, if you give your dog a 15mg dosage and then 20mg an hour later, just add the two together to get a total of 35 mg.

Understanding CBD Dosages for Dogs is very important with any type of treatment, whether it’s natural or pharmaceutical.

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