Check out These Cool Ombre Nails and See for yourself

Check out These Cool Ombre Nails and See for yourself why they’re On-Trend This Year


Ombre nails are cool for summer. It’s a subtle gradient of colors that are either 2 or more shades of the same color or different colors from dark to light. A light touch of nail polish that bridges the gap existing between a basic manicure and full nail art – perfect for those hot summer days!

Different variations of the ombré style exist, from neon to cartoonish. The best summer ombre nails to try are below – just make sure to take a screenshot!

  • Cloudy Ombré

Highlights of different colors (also called “ombre”) make a perfect backdrop for cloud nail art. This bright sunset is great for summer, but if you’re a fan of sky blue or other colors, this works well too!

  • Pastel Ombré

Pastels have been a trend for a while and they’re no less great on nails now. I love the finish of a matte topcoat.

  • Ombré Tips 

Nail art is fun and simple to do, even if it’s not ombre nails. You can get a different gradient of the same color, or do a more intricate French manicure.

  • Gold Glitter 

A glitter ombre nail manicure is perfect for any summer party. Put your own spin on it by adding a gold glitter twist!

  • Ombré Tips 

If you won’t see this style, you need to try two trending nail designs: ombré and French manicure. Sponge only the tips of nails, imperfect lines will add to that cool vibe. 

  • Mix and Match 

Fair warning: this mixed-up mani will leave everyone guessing. Ombré one or two nails and then noodle on the other colors at random for a totally original look. 

  • Rainbow Pastels 

If you’re not sure about doing ombre nails at home, just try it in a very easy way. Use two different colors of nail polish on each finger for an easy ombré.

  • Heart Ombre Nails

Ombré doesn’t have to be too obvious, like these peekaboo heart nails. A pink gradient is only one of the reasons why these cutout nails are so cool.

  • Pink Blend 

Changing the classic shade of hot pink to a deep berry by fading it. And blend it with a light berry color at the bottom.

  • Barbie Ombrè

Ombré coffin nails in hot pink scream summer to us. You could try this out as well, although it’s better if you visit the salon. To get this look on your nails, you can use a hot pink polish

  • Half and Half 

Keep the ombré on one finger, maybe the middle, and paint the surface with a lining of nail polish. In order to make your nails look smooth go back to the other side of your nail and fill in the space around it.

  • Opal Ombre nails

Make an ombré look by adding a shimmer. Start with the nude base color and add the shiny stuff, layering on more at the tips for that nice gradient effect.

  • Bright Skittles Nails 

If you want to do an ombré hand look, paint each nail with a slightly lighter shade. You can use any shades you have on hand but we think this is really great with bright colors like these.

A classic mani for a pretty dude includes metallic gold and nude nails. For something different, try using glitter ombré with whole glitter nails, and golden tips.

  • Tropical flowers

If your blending is a little too harsh, or you just don’t feel like taking the time to do it up, a good idea is to paint some sheer glitter over the top. This will cause the nails to look more blended and blurred, and it can be done on any nail color (though it might not be as obvious on dark colors). You could also

  • Maximalist ombre

Want to change up your ombré mani? Try using a range of colors that fade into each other. For example, green turns into yellow, and then yellow becomes orange. This gives you a vibrant look that can look awesome on every nail!

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