5 Characteristics of Quality Early Childhood Learning Centres

5 Characteristics of Quality Early Childhood Learning Centres

It is quite difficult to ignore the benefits of early childhood learning in kids. Several studies have already recognised how early childhood education effectively contributes to a child’s social, emotional, personal, and cultural development. So it’s safe to say that enrolling your kid in an early childhood learning centre is a great idea. 

The next question that you need to answer is where you would want your child to go for him/her to have the quality education he/she deserves. And to help you with that, here are five things to consider when searching for the perfect early childhood learning centre for your kid.

  • A Well-Researched Program

One of the misconceptions regarding these learning centres is that they are just places for parents to leave their child while they go to work. 

No. You are not looking for a day-care centre.

You want a place where your child can develop important skills and habits as early as possible. To do this, the learning centre has to have a well-researched program and curriculum suited for your child’s needs. 

You need to look into the centre’s beliefs, methodologies, and best practices. The best ones have their whole system figured out through a solid foundation of research and history.

  • Equal Emphasis on Both IQ and EQ

It’s easy for learning centres to focus on IQ development. After all, it produces concrete results like grades to make your kids look good on paper. However, good grades aren’t everything. 

That’s why the learning centre needs to also help the kid develop good social and emotional skills such as empathy, resilience, kindness, and intuition. Not only will this help your child become a good person, but it’ll also make him/her pleasant to be with as the kid grows up. 

  • Should Promote Parental Participation

Before schools, parents are the teachers. This thought should not be completely lost in modern times as parents are the child’s primary support system. 

Your involvement in your child’s early education means that his/her learning experience in the classroom is extended to the real world. You should also give your kid more confidence and positive experiences that will surely benefit his/her classroom performance.

It would be best to look at early childhood learning centres that have specific activities involving parents. The really good ones will also provide you with the necessary support and coaching so that you can maximise your child’s potential.

  • Fun and Age-Specific Activities

Your child’s attention span can be a nightmare when it comes to learning. That’s why you must choose a learning centre that effectively uses fun as a motivational tool for learning. It’s because some learning centres may only use fun to make your child happy, which also makes you happy. It’s a common tool that can blind you regarding your child’s true purpose to be there: to learn.

You should ask for specific activities the learning centre has and evaluate if these are proper. It’s also a bonus if the activities are age-specific. That way, you would know if the early childhood learning centre is serious in its mission.

  • Should Instil the Love for Learning in Your Child

Always keep in mind that early childhood learning centres are not there to primarily teach your child what, where, when, or how. They are supposed to teach your child to have a passion for finding answers. After all, these learning centres won’t be with your child forever. There’s still elementary school, high school, college, and post-graduate school that he/she has to go through.

The best early childhood learning centre won’t give your child a fish but teaches how to fish. To find if a learning centre instils the love to learn, see if their program and teachers are passionate. Look at their website, their brochures, and talk to their personnel. Your parental instincts will tell you if you’re right.

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