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How to Choose the Best Fitness Watch

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Best Fitness Trackers for 2020

To choose the best fitness watch in the market is not that simple. A best fitness tracker to meet the most urgent needs of users: “HEALTH”.

Here, we will not give out the best brand. But this article will guide you to find the best fitness watch that still suits your needs and your budget.

What is the Goal of Using Your Fitness Watch?

The best fitness watches currently only cost about $ 200. While smartwatch has a much higher price. So to choose the appropriate fitness watch, you need to determine your goals before deciding to “buy” one.

If you are new and just need more motivation to exercise, you can choose to buy any fitness watch with the most basic features. Choose models that are too expensive and equipped with many other features. Although “benefit” more, but will be wasted if you never have the opportunity to use those features.

If you are an active person and only love a particular sport. Keep in mind select fitness watches with specific features. For example, choose specialized fitness watches to count your steps, distance, and heart rate.

For “true athletes,” fitness watch with GPS is the best choice for you. These fitness watches often integrate the ability to measure distance, manometer, compass, altitude, … Provide full information about the sport you are practicing.

Water Resistance of the Fitness Tracker

Water-resistance is something you need to consider carefully if you are a swimmer. Or if you are a regular contact with water but still want to use fitness watch continuously.

Some fitness watches are designed to be very light, only a few dozen grams. So most likely you will “forget” its presence on your wrist. If that happens and your fitness watch is not waterproof, the scenario will be terrible.

Main Features of Fitness Watch

Basic fitness watches now have two main features: counting steps and measuring calories burned. Some other Fitness Tracker models also include the ability to measure distance and track sleep quality, and a number of other features.

If you’re in the habit of wearing a fitness watch all day and want to know your overall body mass index, choose products that incorporate both accelerator and altimeter sensors.

Mid-range Fitness Tracker products include a heart rate sensor with LED lights on the back of the watch. These LED lights are in charge of firing light into your blood vessels to measure your heart rate.

GPS is a feature that most Fitness Tracker currently has. It is very useful if you are an active and active outdoors. Whether you’re swimming, hiking, biking, jogging, or simply want to know where you’ve been, the GPS feature will work perfectly.

Design of Fitness Watch

Design is definitely something you need to consider carefully if you want to use fitness watch anywhere, anytime. A fitness watch with a simple design will definitely suit most people, in any situation. However, with these fitness watches, you need to have a separate phone app to use.

A more useful option is fitness watches with touch screens to track directly on the face of the fitness watch. Usually, these fitness watches have large or square watch faces to display much needed information.

Application is Included

Most fitness watches today have separate applications attached. It has the ability to synchronize data, even tracking your daily food menu. Some applications will automatically save your data after the exercise ends. These fitness watches support a lot of sports, usually Yoga, Cycling, jogging, …

How to Use Fitness Watch Effectively

Here, we show you some effective ways to use fitness watch. Thus, when you perform activities such as lifting weights, jogging or other sports. Only fitness watch can assess accurately. To do so, you need to know how to wear it and put it into the best working mode.

Not only on the moving exercises but also on the cardio on the spot also have the fitness parameters

How to Wear It

Fitness watch manufacturers recommend that everyone wear it on the wrist. Where there is a lot of blood vessels under and near the skin. It allows control of heart rate, blood pressure almost the same as that measured in the chest.

When worn, the straps should be tight enough. So the fitness sensor’s lower sensor will measure the natural flow rate. No spasms. The measuring distance is also more standard. Internal pendulum operations are also more accurate by moving close to the hand’s movement.

How to Install App and Use

Using fitness watch, you will often connect to smartphones to synchronize data and track more properly. It will show all the scales comparing your bio-metric and activity indicators graphically. Each vendor will have the app installed on the accompanying smartphone to sync.

Meanwhile, in addition to setting the app to fitness watch, you also need to install the indicators you want to track. You turn off features that you consider unnecessary and turn on features that you consider necessary.

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