Choosing a Best Hair Dryer for Your Hair Type

Choosing a Best Hair Dryer for Your Hair Type

Finding the best hair dryer used to be like this: go to the drugstore, look at the five or six hair dryers to choose from, choose mainly based on price and / or cuteness (it was a big deal to get one in a color other than black). Looking back at 2016, you should get an advanced aerospace engineering degree and read at least 2,500 product reviews before you even think about entering the new realm of high-end, high-tech hair dryers.

Yes, the humble hair dryer has come a long way, and while there are still basic models out there, the expensive versions (or should we say “investment”) offer details that can dramatically enhance your hair and blast experience, whenever you do. It’s time to figure out which ones are important to your hair. We are here to do this less like rocket science. Here’s a cheat sheet on common hair dryer features that you can improve based on your blast goals.


What it means: A powerful motor holds more wind power and cuts styling time without exposing the hair to excessive heat. “If the engine isn’t strong, you have more heat and less wind.” When you think about it, it means “toasting” your hair to dry it, “says famous hairdresser Kristin Ess, who watches the wind. Versus heat in a dryer. Get the 1800-2000 horsepower bonus: heavy duty dryers don’t burn as fast as their smaller cousins. 

Crucial if: You’ve got thick hair that takes two centuries to dry

Ceramic, Porcelain, Infrared

What it infers: Dryers with these catchphrases are laid out to convey warm as similarly and carefully as possible. Ceramic or porcelain can be utilized to coat (or supplant) the metal or plastic warming components of a Consumer Reports Hair Dryer and other inside parts to create the warm less intense and more temperature-resistant. They also emit negative ions to speed drying and smooth out the frizz.

When a dryer is charged as infrared, it implies it employments longer wavelengths of vitality to enter the hair and dry it interior out.


What it means: Like ceramic, titanium is used to distribute heat evenly and keep the temperature stable. It usually gives a very hot dryer, so it is not recommended for hair prone to damage, but it speeds up the drying process. Titanium is also lighter than ceramic, another reason it’s a smart choice if thick hair makes your bang a workout.

If it’s crucial: It’s never really crucial, but it can be a godsend if you have tons of hair.

Ionic, Tourmaline

What it means: Ion dryers emit negative ions, ions in the water are positively charged. Typically the science behind why an ionic blow dryer is so much more viable at breaking up and spreading water beads on the hair shaft, avoiding them from becoming damp and causing frizz, and reducing drying time.  

Critical if: Your hair is bunched up or thick / difficult to dry. 


What does this mean: how much does a dryer weigh? Sure, but that’s an awfully vital factor for anybody with long hair and a brilliant circular brush. Professional dryers can in some cases be overwhelming due to expansive engines / stationary components. Think about it: in case your arm is lost amid the elude, the work won’t conclusion well.  What is “lighter”? Finding a  best hair dryer that weighs around a pound. “We all know the bathroom problem is real”. 

Crucial point: The hair’s length is long & also dry for a long term.

Bonus Features To Buy Into

A cold grain: Cold air seals the cuticle, adapts to your style and increases shine.

Adjustable Heat – For fine hair that is easy to blow-dry, a lower heat will help to get the job done in a less damaging way.

Accessories: A diffuser is essential to keep curls soft and intact, while a concentrating nozzle is essential to straighten and straighten.


Whereas there are continuously exemptions, a hairdryer is one excellence buy that you simply can legitimize investing more on. Aces concur that pricier dryers are everything when it comes to keeping hair more beneficial and prettier. “A hair dryer is only thing that you can’t buy cheap”. That’s why you must choose the hair dryer that fulfill your need.

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