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Choosing hiking poles the right way in 2021


Walking poles are usually imagined as something positive, yes it is different from the walking sticks but there are other things to have an insight to as well. Walking poles are made to polish up your fitness by bringing changes in a good way in your muscles. It helps your muscles to work quite well when you walk and give it a power boost whenever needed. 

If you’re looking to choose the best hiking pole for travel, you cannot miss below mentioned as some of the things you should consider when thinking to by walking poles:

  • One or two poles? 

This point is quite debatable.You may think that using just one pole is the way to go if you’re new to poles. Reconsider your place. We are bipedal quadrupeds, which means we walk upright on two feet with all four limbs swinging. Walk with both arms instinctively swinging, two poles make a lot of sense. 

Getting used to poles will take some time.Alternate your legs and arms, just as you would while walking without them. Only if you have shoulder, arm, or hand issues on one side and can only use one pole comfortably would suggest using only one pole.

  • Considering the locking system:

These mechanisms sometimes fail and stop locking properly in cheaper poles also in  some of the more expensive ones , particularly when you stretch your pole sections too far. Look at your poles’ measurements; there will be a “STOP” mark at some point. Never extend the poles beyond that point. 

  • Molded hand grips:

Simple moulded plastic handles and common webbing wrist straps are used on the cheapest walking poles. Walking poles with softer foam grips and softer harness padding is considered quite convenient. 

  • Wrist straps, a good option or not?:

Wrist belts will make it much easier to keep your poles in your hands. If you use them, you won’t need to hold quite as tight a death grip. To make sure you’re using the straps right, come up into them from below.

However, keep in mind that if you’re wearing straps and trip and fall, you won’t be able to quickly drop your trekking poles and catch yourself with your hands. If you’re walking side by side with someone, your walking poles can get entangled in their legs. These can get entangled in your own legs too. Make sure you don’t drop the walking poles with the braces on. 

  • What is the most effective method for me to use my poles? 

There are many experiments done to get the most effective method in respect to using poles. It is said that when you walk, the most efficient motion is to pass  from the trekking poles knee to hip. However, keep in mind that keep your poles pointed in the direction you want to go rather than in the direction you want your poles to drive you in! 

Whether you’re planning to buy it for yourself or looking for the best hiking pole for seniors, there are some important factors you should definitely consider before getting one.

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