How Choosing the Right Necklace Can Make a Difference?

Right Necklace

All of us have one or two or even more pieces of a necklace which we do not wear anymore. Now, this could be for various reasons. Maybe you had bought it out of impulse, or maybe the necklace was on-trend back then and now it is out of fashion, and the number of possibilities will go on. But, there is one major reason behind it. Many times it so happens that we buy a necklace only to find out later that it does not suit us.

Now you may think that a necklace is a necklace, it will fit any neck anyhow. Well, if you think that then you are mistaken. Every different individual requires a different kind of necklace. While choosing a perfect necklace for yourself, you must keep in mind your face shape, height, and so on. Naturally, you may not understand what we are aiming at here. That is okay because we are here to make you understand the importance of choosing the right necklace for the right outfit. Take a scroll through the following aspects of wearing a necklace and you will never have an unused necklace in your wardrobe ever again!

Here are some parameters that you would like to keep in mind while choosing your next necklace:

Long necklaces:

  • If you have a round face shape, you must look for necklaces that balance your face. A long necklace would do the trick. Necklaces about 20” should suit well for individuals who have round or oval-shaped faces.
  • With your height, however, it is a bit different. If you are tall enough, almost any kind or length of a necklace will suit you. But longer necklaces look better on tall figurines. If you are tall, have an athletic built then you must go for longer necklaces as that will help you complement your figure.
  • If you have a figure such as an inverted triangle, longer lengths would fit your frame as well. It will help to bring the eye down, which in turn will highlight the smallest section of your body. You can easily buy gold necklace designs in 10 grams with price online based on your chosen preferences and also get matching 5 grams earing designs to go with it.

Short necklaces:

  • If you have a square-shaped face, you could go for a necklace that is neither too short neither too long. It must hang loosely just over your collar bone. Keeping the length of the necklace towards short would help your smoothen the edges of your face, balancing it. It also helps to make your neck look elongated.
  • Heart-shaped faces too must be paired with such lengths of necklaces to soften the angles.
    Again, if you have a pear-shaped built, such lengths of necklaces would be a good option to go for. 16” to 18” length of necklaces should be perfect for such body and face types.

If you have a regular height you can opt for almost any kind of a necklace. What you must keep in mind then is the shape of your face. An hourglass figure too is suitable for any kind of necklace.

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