Chris Evans’ Halloween Becomes Delightful With Alba Baptista And a New Movie With The Rock

Chris Evans

Chris Evans has reportedly been secretly dating Alba Baptista, 25, for over a year, and the relationship is “serious.”

Some sources revealed the 41-year-old is in love, and has never felt happier. Chris’s friends and family adore her as well.

The news arrived shortly after Chris was named PEOPLE magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive 2022 this month. Evans succeeds previous Marvel co-star Paul Rudd for the Sexist Man Alive title. His current co-star, Dwayne Johnson, Idris Elba and David Beckham, have also previously held the title. Further, Evans said about the honor that his Mom would be so proud of him.

In an interview, he also discussed his desire to marry and start a family. That’s absolutely something he wants, a wife, kids, and creating a family. Fans have been convinced that the couple has been together since 2021 when Alba began following Chris and several members of Chris’s family on Instagram – and apparently, everyone believes they met last summer. 

They are believed first to meet when Chris was shooting the movie The Gray Man and Alba was shooting a film for the second season of Warrior Nun. While nothing has been confirmed, things took a suspenseful turn on Halloween when Chris posted an image of pumpkins on Instagram.

On the spookiest night of the year, they’re just unsuspecting pumpkins minding their own business. WRONG. These pumpkins, it appears, hold many secrets, along with the key to whether or not Chris and Alba are dating. Fans noticed that these sweet gourds are identical to the ones that Alba’s mother, Elsa Baptista, previously used as her profile picture.

Chris further shared in an interview that when you learn about most of the greatest artists, whether painters, actors, or writers, most of them think that it wasn’t the work that they were most proud of. It was the relationships, the families they endured, and the love they discovered and shared. So it’s something he has realized over his 41 years. Those are the most important considerations.

Chris adores the concept of ceremony and tradition. Well, he has had a bunch of that in his life so far and can’t think of anything better to do with it.

Alba, Evans’ rumored girlfriend, is a Portuguese actress born in 1997. She made her English-language debut in the film “Warrior Nun.” She has also appeared in several Portuguese series and movies, including “A Impostora,” “A Criacao,” “Filha da Lei,” and “Jogo Duplo.”

The Rock, Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans have also officially started preparation for their upcoming film, Red One, which Jake Kasdan will direct. A man best known for the “JUMANJI” franchise, as the Rock notes in a tweet.

Red One is being made for Amazon Prime Video and will be a comprehensive franchise film with marketing throughout the Amazon universe.

The first trailer for the film ‘Red One’ was released on Amazon Prime Video’s social media accounts, along with a behind-the-scenes photo of the two actors. First look at the movie set from our new Christmas film, Amazon officials tweeted.

Hiram Garcia, President of Production at Johnson’s Seven Bucks Productions, took the photo, which shows Johnson in a black and red bodysuit with knee-high black boots and Evans in a brown leather jacket, jeans, and brown boots.

Chris Evans also posted to Instagram to express his joy at ‘finally’ filming a Christmas film. He captioned the photo of himself and The Rock, “Callum Drift and Jack O’Malley.” We’re already having a lot of fun with this one. (I still can’t believe I’m doing a Christmas movie!)”

What Exactly Is Red One?

While Kevin Fiege has confirmed that a DC and Marvel crossover is unlikely anytime soon, our favorite action heroes from the cinematic universe can still collaborate.

Dwayne Johnson’s Seven Bucks Productions is set to produce the latest film franchise, Red One. Johnson will reunite with director Jake Kasdan for the film, directed from a script written by Johnson’s Fast & Furious franchise and Hobbs & Shaw author Chris Morgan.

The film’s plot remains unknown, but according to Johnson, Amazon Studios is constructing a multiverse of cool Christmas lore and badassery altogether. The movie has also been called “a globe-trotting, four-quadrant action-adventure comedy that imagines an entirely new universe to discover within the holiday genre.

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