Things to Keep in Mind Before Cleaning Office Spaces For Safe Return

Things to Keep in Mind Before Cleaning Office Spaces For Safe Return


The restrictions on the lockdown situation have begun to ease up. During these times, some employers are considering opening their offices back for business, running like well-oiled machinery through the virus period. However, safely returning to your office spaces might be quite dangerous. An appropriate amount of thorough cleaning is something that all reopening office spaces should take in utter seriousness. Most offices will have their employees working from home, but some will get back to their daily grind. As cleanliness is highly important at this point, consider googling ‘cleaning companies near me‘ and get to focus on keeping your office space a safe one for all of your returning employees. 

Employers have a responsibility towards their staff’s welfare, and that does not just begin and end at the office premises. Health and safety are a huge responsibility, so finding the best way forward is crucially important. 

Here are a few safety tips that employers can take to help transition and keep employees safe during this period:

Take this comprehensive cleaning list as a guide that you can take to keep your employees safe. 

  • Establish One-Way Systems

Nothing can truly be worse than one entrance and exit. Everybody working will all rush to that one entrance or exit doorways to commute to and from work. This not only causes congestion but encourages crowding. Doing so doesn’t make sure that everyone follows the government’s guidelines of keeping distance and encourages crowding in particular areas of the building. Instead, in order to avoid such tricky situations, we must always try to create one-way yet separate entrances and exits. This will cause less community spreading of the virus as well.

  • Establish Staggered Arrival Times

If your office has only that one entrance and exit and you are unable to cordon off any area for separate entry and exit, then the other way to avoid overcrowding is simply by arranging for all of your employees to arrive at the office premises at staggered intervals. This will avoid any kind of overcrowding. It makes room for the cleaners in the building to clean various areas of the building easily and repeatedly while also ensuring that all of the various entrances, exits, and other office building facilities to be used in different intervals as well. 

  • Establish Hand Sanitiser Stations

In key locations of your floor or office, make sure to set up hand sanitization kiosks, especially in areas such as the entrance of the office, bathrooms, and other facilities in the building. Keeping one in the eating areas such as canteen & at coffee machines or near vending machines is a great idea. 

  • Establish Visible Screens & Barriers

If you are an establishment that has staff that faces customers or requires staff to mingle with each other in various interactions, then it is best to set up screens and barriers that facilitate the least amount of contact. Some of the key areas to establish such guards are at the reception area, near the human resource counter, between cubbies and cubicles. 

  • Establish Clean Touch Points

From the very first day of resuming working from the office space, implement a regular cleaning schedule for all the touchpoints that experience frequency in touch. Door handles to the office & rooms, common printers, common sinks, bathroom surfaces are all touched multiple times a day. So, establishing clean touchpoints is the primary form of cleaning that you may require in your office.

As responsible employers, take the time to look up ‘cleaning Service near me‘ on your favorite search engine and get the cleaning started at least a week before you resume the office’s normal functioning.

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