Competitive Exams Using Smartphones


Examination times are usually the most daunting, and mentally-taxing periods for students. We have all been through those testing times, burning the midnight oil and frantically searching for solutions and answers which sometimes elude us. For a student preparing for an examination, nothing can be as frustrating as not finding the answer they are looking for, or not understanding a specific concept that could prove to be important while taking the exam.

Instead of spending hours at the library and combing through a large pile of books, students today can depend on technology to prepare for competitive examinations. From video lectures to mock tests, it is now possible to prepare for an examination from the comfort of one’s home. Smartphones in particular have made this transition from physical books to online learning easy and convenient, especially considering the fact that you can now purchase feature-rich phones under 15000 and you can do multitasking efficiently.

Here is how you can use your smartphone while preparing for competitive exams.

Learn Through Informative Videos

Whether you talk about popular video hosting and sharing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion, or educational websites that upload video lectures, there is no denying the fact that accessing video lectures has become easier today than ever before. Students can now stream videos on their smartphones, and prepare for their competitive exams by listening to informative and educational videos.

Video lectures have proven to be more effective than conventional methods to assimilate and understand the nuances behind a specific concept, and students today rely heavily on video lectures to prepare for examinations. You can be seated in a car or a bus, and still imbibe knowledge without wasting your precious time using your smartphone.

Use Note-Taking Apps

Most of us have become accustomed to typing on our smartphones and laptops, and prefer typing over hand-written notes. Writing by hand can also be taxing. With note-taking apps on our smartphones, one can easily type information they deem important, and can refer to those notes later while studying. Furthermore, there are numerous apps on our smartphones that can transcribe voice memos to text, thus making the entire process easier and convenient.

Use Exam Preparation Apps

Students, more than anything else, have to be comfortable with the exam setting before they appear for competitive exams. Mock tests help in simulating the actual exam environment, and apps like dPAL allow students to better prepare for competitive exams by providing features such as question banks and mock tests. Aspirants can also learn by downloading banking and financial awareness pdf. This also helps students in understanding their performance, and areas where they have to prepare better.

Use e-Books

Similar to video lectures, e-Books enable students to learn from the comfort of their homes, without having to worry about going to the library. e-Books can be downloaded from the internet without having to spend money, and students can easily access voluminous information through e-Books. Students can also use eReader apps, and better understand fundamental concepts that would allow them to better absorb the information. Smartphones like Xiaomi Redmi Note 8, widely considered to be the best mobile under 12000 come with a large screen size (6.3 inches for Note 8), making it easier for students to read e-Books on their smartphones.

Take Advantage of Audio Playbacks

Other than reading on their smartphones using e-Books, or watching video lectures, one can also opt to listen to the lecture or a series of lectures. Audio options are available for students in the form of podcasts or audio lectures, and one can listen to the lecture on their smartphone while tending to other chores. While multi-tasking is often difficult and inefficient, listening to lectures while taking care of other work is the best way one can use their time wisely, especially while preparing for competitive exams.

Smartphones continue to make our lives easier, and by properly utilizing smartphone features and applications, students and those who appear for competitive exams can prepare better for the challenge that lies ahead of them.

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