Conclude Your Business With Our Expert Approach

Conclude Your Business With Our Expert Approach

It is difficult to get on-time money by selling your house. I felt this when I was selling my house fast for cash. I can also feel this because I want to sell my house fast for cash. Do you feel insecure and confused while selling your Columbia house? Your worries are no more. Our innovative house buying platform serves and makes it possible to get maximum house payment for you. Our Columbia house solutions facilities are identical, straightforward, and easily approachable. 

No third-party involvement

Traditionally, there is always a middle man to do a business deal. However, House Renewal LLC works differently. We directly buy the house from our clients. There is no agent involved in the whole process. When the third party is involved, there will always be ongoing series of money out of the customer’s pocket. We don’t want this. We are here to serve Columbia locals. 

Why prefer us over a real estate agency?

Real estate agency phrases as third-party. Agency does not buy the house from you. When you contact an estate agency, they try to find a house buyer for you. They will charge a fee and will deduct commission when the deal is closed. With House Renewal LLC, you will get an exact payment with no fee and commission deduction. We are local Columbia house buyers. 

Sell your Columbia House As-Is

“No money out of your pocket” is our motto. With Columbia House Solutions, you will not spend even a single penny for house renovation. We will buy with no excuses. You will get more cash with us than dealing with a real estate agency.

One week game – Your house is sold out

Everyone faces financial crises in his/her life. To override such a situation, someone may sell his/her house to fulfill daily needs. If you are going to sell your house, rest assured that you will get a high payment and it is only possible when you will contact us.

We offer beneficial Columbia SC house selling services. Completing the entire house selling process and handing-over the payment is done within 7 working days. With minimum document circulation from the seller to buyer and house inspection visit, we can close the business deal in a week. 

Why are we better than estate agencies?
  1. There are no fees for consultation and to sell your house.
  2. We are direct house buyers. 
  3. We do not demand commissions when the deal is closed. 
  4. There is no long-tailed documentation other than the owner’s information. 
  5. No disturbing house showings just one to confirm the property’s credentials.
  6. We buy Columbia houses as is and don’t ask for renovation.
  7. The homeowner does not pay the closing cost, we pay it.
  8. Full payment within a week with no delays and lame excuses.
  9. Cash payment to override bank transactions.

Now, if you want to sell your Columbia house, visit and fill-up the form for estimation. 

Obstacles-free Columbia house selling procedure

Selling your property via a real estate agency is a lengthy and unpredicted process. Our house buying process is smooth and reliable. Have a look at how we proceed. 

Get a quote

Fill up the form by visiting our official website. This process takes just 2 minutes. We merely ask for your name, address, and email. Once you do this, just submit it and we will review your query and get back to you in a little time. 

Contact for briefing

Once you receive our response via mail, contact us for further procedure. If you consider our offering favorable, visit our office or call us. We will start the process and along with this, you will get free consultation about the latest financial ups and downs. 

Done the deal

In this step, House Renewal LLC offers the deal about your concerning property. It is still in your hands either to consider the offer or decline it. Our offers are non-refusable as these are more than the market price and you are not forced to pay any fee, commission, and closing cash. 

Get speedy money 

Once you finalize the deal, you will get money within a week. Moreover, payment is in the form of cash or cheque to override bank transactions. 

What type of property can I sell?

  • Houses that need repair
  • Fire damaged houses 
  • Lien Properties
  • Moving to other city and want to sell self-owned property
  • Facing joint family issues and willing to get your separate house
  • Property facing probate issues
  • Rundown houses with filthy conditions
  • Abandoned properties
  • Home with teasy renters 

The above-mentioned list describes various conditions that a homeowner faces. We can buy all types of residential places that you want to sell. 

Columbia’s mature house buyer

House renewal LLC is crushing the competition with its admirable house buying services. We are providing the best house selling services to local communities. We are familiar with market trends. We are linked to investors that are always ready to buy houses in Columbia, South Carolina, and in Richland County. 

How to approach us?

We are available around the clock to help you. If you want any kind of property-related guidance and a free house estimation, contact us directly. Visit our official website to know more about us and to get a quote. It will cost a few pennies to call us (803) 602-3580. We don’t force you to sell your house to us, give us a try. If you consider our deal fair, sell your house. If you don’t get a desirable deal, leave us. The final decision is your call, not ours.

If you want to know more about setting up a new business, you can find relevant information at

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