How You Can Make Your Corporate Event a Much More Creative and Exciting Affair

How You Can Make Your Corporate Event a Much More Creative and Exciting Affair

There are indeed a lot of details that go into planning an event, and if you are in charge of a corporate event for your company, then there’s a lot more pressure involved as well. You have to make sure, after all, that your event is a success, and you can only do this with the proper organisational skills as well as the most clever ideas and themes and activities you can think of – which isn’t easy if you are planning an event for the very first time. But it is doable, nonetheless; think of it as a challenge which allows you to showcase your organisational prowess as well – and when it becomes a success, then you are sure to get plenty of credit. But how can you make your corporate event a much more creative and exciting affair? Here are a few ideas to inspire you. 

  • A corporate festival 

The summer season is upon us, and what better way to bring in the warmth of the season than with a festival? Yes, a business or corporate festival would be a brilliant way to celebrate the summer, and even if you associate a festival with music, you can create your own version of a corporate festival with a theme. You can, for instance, create a festival centred on your enterprise’s latest product, or you can create your festival around a particular topic in which everyone is interested. You can even create a festival based on your company culture – but whatever you decide, your festival isn’t complete without music, so bring in the band or the DJ to make it more unique and enjoyable. Don’t forget the food stalls, the drink stalls, and activity stalls as well. 

  • A ‘kid-adult’ event 

Another great idea to make your corporate event stand out is to have a ‘kid-adult’ affair, as the skilled and experienced party planners Oxfordshire from Oasis Events can attest. What does this mean, you ask? Well, it’s simply an event based on adults having fun and acting like kids again. It’s all about unleashing your inner child, and there’s no better way to encourage this than with bouncy castles, adults trampolines, thrill rides (who doesn’t love bumper cars?), and more. Make it a fairground event complete with circus acts, and everyone in the company can simply have fun and forget their worries, even for just a day.  

  • A scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are classic events that have always been geared towards building camaraderie among groups of people, and you can go all out with your scavenger hunt by organising a hunt around key areas in the town or city. You can have teams complete certain tasks, or you can have them find several items. Scavenger hunts are also a brilliant idea if you have a big company and need to entertain a whole bunch of people. 

  • A film screening outdoors 

Since it’s the summer season, everyone likes spending time outdoors – and another great idea for some outdoor event fun would be a film screening outdoors. Of course, you would need to find the perfect outdoor venue for this, but that’s easy enough with a lot of options that include garden spaces and rooftops. If you want everyone to bring their kids and families, this is an excellent way for people to bond with each other as well.


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