How to Decode Your BMW’s VIN and Find Out Its History?


What is a VIN?

The Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, of a BMW is a unique code that represents specifics about the vehicle. The VIN of a BMW is made up of 17 characters that are composed differently all over the world. It consists of a variety of information about the vehicle, such as the manufacturer, year and location of manufacturing, engine data, and the like. And with the help of an efficient BMW VIN search, you can easily find the history of any BMW vehicle.

Why is a VIN Required?

The ISO Institute created the VIN, which requires all manufacturers to use this identification system. So, as an owner, you can check your BMW, look for matching car parts, and request your vehicle’s history this way.

The information behind a BMW’s VIN is also extremely helpful if you are looking to buy a used BMW. For instance, you can discover the vehicle’s history, such as whether there are any hidden damages, any speedometer tampering, or even a total loss using a free VIN check.

How to Decode Your BMW’s VIN and Find Out Its History Using VinPit?

With technology booming in every sector and solving even the tiniest of problems, it has now become effortless to find out the history of a BMW vehicle using its VIN. A platform like VinPit allows you to run a BMW VIN search simply by inserting the vehicle’s VIN.

VinPit provides the user with a comprehensive history of their BMW at no cost. Their extensive database comprises 268+ million registered vehicles in the United States.

In the following simple and quick steps, you can decode your BMW’s VIN and search for its detailed history:

Step 1: Open the homepage of VinPit’s website.

Step 2: At the top of the dashboard, you will find a search box.

Step 3: Enter your BMW’s VIN here and click on the search button.

Step 4: A complete data report related to that VIN will be displayed on your screen in a few seconds. This will provide you details like the manufacturing year, model, production series numer, restraint system type, engine size, security code, country of origin, insurance coverage, warranty claims, records pertaining to salvage, among others.

What Does Each Character of the 17-Digit VIN Mean?

Among the 17 characters of a BMW’s VIN, each one stands for a different data. Below is a detailed explanation of what different VIN characters mean.

Number one: This is where the car was built. If the VIN begins with a W, it was assembled in Germany. If it begins with a 5, the vehicle was built in the United States.

Number two: This character represents the manufacturer. The letter B indicates that the item was made in Germany, while the letters U or Y suggest that it was made in the United States.

Number three: This is the type of vehicle. It’s usually an X or an A.

Numbers four to eight: This section of the VIN describes the specific vehicle, including the model, engine type, body style, and transmission.

Number nine: This character confirms that the VIN is correct. If you enter the VIN incorrectly, there will be an error.

Numbers 10 & 11: These two characters specify the year and factory of manufacture.

Numbers 12 through 17: These final characters comprise the factory’s production sequence number, which identifies the vehicle as a one-of-a-kind product.

Why Do You Need to Know the VIN of Any BMW?

You need to know the VIN of a BMW as it can be a quick and reliable way of learning more about the car and its history because each vehicle has a unique identification number. Some other important reasons to know the VIN of your BMW vehicle can be among the following:

Examining BMW Service Records

Whenever a BMW technician services a vehicle, a computerized record of the work done, including any parts replaced and the vehicle’s mileage, is kept. This information is all linked to the vehicle’s VIN, making it simple for future mechanics to get an overview of all the work that has already been done. This information especially comes in handy when you are looking to buy or sell a used BMW.

From Production to Delivery of a New BMW

If you order a new BMW, your dealer will provide you with the VIN of your future BMW before production begins. With this information, you can track your vehicle from the factory to your local dealership.

Identifying BMW Parts by VIN

BMW auto parts are vehicle-specific. They rely on a specific factory configuration that can vary from car to car, even within the same model family, especially regarding technology and software, which must be tailored to the vehicle’s specific hardware in order to function. VIN can help you find just the right parts for your BMW.


So, now you know how simple and quick a free VIN check is, you will never need to worry about finding a BMW’s history whether you are looking to buy a brand new or a used one. And you certainly would not need to pay for an extensive database now that you know where to conduct a free BMW VIN search.





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