Delhi Based Duane Economic Times Rakes In 8.5 Million

Economic Times

Delhi based media company Economic Times (ET) has hit the jackpot with its latest 8.5 million dollar deal with Duane Morris LLP. The deal marks ET’s debut into the international legal market and its first big venture outside India.

Duane Morris is an international law firm that handles a wide range of legal matters, including mergers, acquisitions, intellectual property, finance, real estate, corporate strategy, litigation, dispute resolution and taxation. By entering a strategic partnership with Duane Morris, ET has opened up a major opportunity for its clients across the world.

Duane Morris will offer integrated legal services to ET clients in India as a part of the agreement between the two companies. The rollout of these services is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2021. This agreement gives ET a strong presence in the global legal market, which is expected to be a key growth area for the company.

The agreement between the two companies comes hot on the heels of ET’s public offering in November 2019, which saw the company’s market capitalisation reach a record-breaking high of $1.1 billion.

The deal also marks the first major transformation of ET’s in-house legal team since the company’s foundation in 1988. The expansion of the team is a testament to ET’s strong focus on corporate governance and its commitment to excellence in service delivery.

This deal is sure to open up more avenues of growth and development for ET in the future. With the financial and legal expertise of Duane Morris onboard, ET’s foray into the international market is sure to be a success. This is one deal Delhiites should keep an eye on for sure.

Economic Times of Delhi Secure 8.5 Million in Investment

Delhi is about to receive 8.5 million in investments from the Economic Times of India, a leading financial newspaper. This investment is being made to promote technological development and innovation in the capital city, as part of Delhi’s ‘Smart City’ initiative.

This investment is sure to be a major boon for the local economy and technology industry in Delhi. The funds will be used to promote development in key areas, such as advanced manufacturing, information technology, and agriculture. These investments mark a significant milestone in the city’s vision to become the centre of excellence for India’s technological and entrepreneurial future.

Delhi’s Smart City initiative focuses on using technology to enhance the quality of life of its citizens and to create new opportunities for businesses and start-ups. It involves a number of different initiatives, such as transparent governance, expanding digital infrastructure, and encouraging private sector involvement in public projects.

This new funding from Economic Times of India is the latest step to strengthen Delhi’s Smart City vision. It is expected to have a positive impact on the local economy and lead to further investment from other sources. The funds will provide much-needed support for existing technology companies, as well as new start-ups.

Also, with this investment, Economic Times of India will be able to leverage its expertise in financial technology and capital markets to help make more informed decisions in the development of Delhi’s Smart City initiative. This will help speed up the development of the city and add to its global appeal.

Overall, Delhi’s 8.5 million investment from Economic Times of India is a major win for the capital city. It is a sign of how far Delhi has come in the pursuit of becoming a hub of technological progress and innovation in India.

Duane Economic Times of Delhi Scores Big with 8.5 Million in Funds

Today, Delhi’s Duane Economic Times has scored big, with the newspaper receiving an 8.5 million dollar donation from a consortium of investors. This windfall will enable the publication to further its mission of offering comprehensive reporting on the current state of India’s economy and macroeconomic decisions.

The Times, which was started in 2004 as a project of the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI), has been steadily building a solid reputation for itself. As local competition has weakened, the Times has increasingly become the go-to source for up-to-date economic news and research for readers in Delhi and the surrounding areas.

The investment, which is one of the largest-ever contributions to a media publication in India, will enable theTimes to enhance its current operations, as well as pursue strategic projects that will allow it to become a leader in the world of Indian financial media. The publication will use the funds to expand its reach and add sound analysis to its coverage.

For readers, the implications of this investment are nothing but positive. In what is an exciting emergence of India as a significant economic player, publications such as the Duane Economic Times are more important than ever. Now, with this significant influx of capital, the Times can continue to focus on producing content that educates and informs its readership.

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