Delhi-Based Park EconomicTimes Raises $8.5M in Funding

Delhi-based Park EconomicTimes, a provider of financial analytics, has announced that it has raised $8.5 million in funding. The round was led by Accel and Matrix Partners India, and also included participation from Lightspeed India Partners and angel investors.

Park EconomicTimes was co-founded by Abhishek Sharma and Manasvi Singh in 2017. The platform leverages machine learning technologies to enable better decision making processes for users. The company partners with corporate banking, wealth management firms, and banking groups to provide business intelligence and financial analysis insights. 

The new capital will be used to invest in product development, business growth, and scaling up operations. Park EconomicTimes will be focusing on expanding into other countries and upscaling its team.

By raising this much-needed capital, Park EconomicTimes is demonstrating its resilience in the uncertain COVID-19-afflicted market. The platform has managed to receive recognition from a number of prominent investors, from both India and abroad, who have expressed high hopes for their growth and expansion. 

This round of funding shows that, despite the economic challenges that 2020 has posed for businesses around the world, there is still opportunity for growth and innovation. Park EconomicTimes has  proven that great ideas can still be funded and invested in, even during difficult times.

Delhi Park EconomicTimes Sees Huge Boost From 8.5M Investment 

Delhi Park, an urban amusement park located in New Delhi, India, has seen a huge boost from a new 8.5 million dollar investment. The new funds will allow for the expansion of the park, increasing its size by 35%.

The new investment will enable Delhi Park to offer more attractions, add new rides, and open up new dining and shopping facilities. The park has also promised to refurbish their current rides and attractions, adding more fun and excitement to the already popular destination.

The 8.5 million dollar investment will also help to develop the park’s digital engagement, allowing customers to purchase tickets and merchandise online. As well, the park will be able to implement new technology to measure customer satisfaction and improve the customer experience.

Delhi Park’s management said that the investment will enable them to “reach new heights of customer service and improve visibility of the park”. They plan on using the funds to create more entertaining experiences for visitors, as well as increase the safety and convenience for park-goers.

Delhi Park’s commitment to visiting families and visitors is great news for the local economy. With an influx of new visitors, restaurants, tourist attractions, and retail stores located near the  park are expected to benefit from the increased foot traffic.

The 8.5 million dollar investment at Delhi Park is just part of an exciting trend that looks to be sure to benefit the Delhi economy in the years to come.

Park EconomicTimes Expanding in Delhi Thanks to 8.5M Investment

The economic outlook for Delhi is looking brighter than ever before. Thanks to an 8.5 Million dollar investment from a private investor, the city’s economy is thriving and businesses are looking to expand. This influx of capital is providing much needed capital to support businesses in the city, as well as providing more jobs and better infrastructure.

As the economic development of Delhi continues to grow, the city’s park system is also benefiting. With more disposable income and more people wanting to enjoy the outdoor space, parks are being developed, improved, and opening up to larger crowds. The improvements have not just resulted in more beautiful and inviting spaces, but have helped to form stronger communities.

There are now more than 50 parks in the city offering a variety of amenities. Parks are being used as incubators for social programs, recreational spaces, and even green energy projects. It’s also expected that these parks will create more jobs as they continue to develop. This investment is also helping to fund additional bike lanes, walking paths, and playgrounds which offer even more opportunities for people in the city.

The 8.5 Million dollar investment is providing a much needed boost for the economy of Delhi. More businesses are opening up and operating in the city, and the influx of  capital is enabling more improvements to be made to the city’s parks. With the ongoing investment and support, there doesn’t seem to be any limit to the potential of Delhi’s economy.

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