Did the Division of Protection Faux Info to Hide Accidents?

Did the Division of Protection Faux Info to Hide Accidents?



This tale is about what could change out to be a single of the most significant cases of clinical data fraud. It is dependent on my dialogue with Mathew Crawford, whom I experienced the pleasure of interviewing for my podcast.

Mathew’s qualifications is in statistics, actuarial sciences and math. In the earlier, he has worked on Wall Avenue, then centered on the field of education, writing textbooks and serving to create educational firms.

Mathew began searching out for a big-scale dramatic occasion ahead of the pandemic was announced. He turned alarmed when proper on the tail of the repo marketplace crisis that transpired in the tumble of 2019, the Federal Reserve loaned $4.5 trillion to just three banking companies. (The Fed “quietly produced the names of the three banks” who received the loans on December 31, 2021.)

Thus, as soon as the unusually irrational and economically peculiar “COVID response” was thrown at us, Mathew grew to become suspicious of the “pandemic clownery.”

The Convoluted DoD Knowledge Saga

This individual DoD facts saga began unveiling in January 2022, when lawyer Thomas Renz offered his whistleblower facts at the 5-hour listening to held by Senator Ron Johnson.

In his Substack submit from February 2022, Mathew described staying “shocked listening to Renz in genuine time” and mastering about “the DoD whistleblowers (Drs. Samuel Sigoloff, Peter Chambers, and Theresa Long) or the startling findings from the Protection Health-related Epidemiology Databases (DMED):

  • Miscarriages up ~300%
  • Cancer rates up ~300%
  • Neurological circumstances up ~1000%

Renz will make the databases publicly downloadable listed here.” From there, the factors got complicated. And right before we dig in, let us first establish the elephant in the home.

The Elephant in the Home: A Summary

Just after Tom Renz made his earth-shaking announcement, the DoD arrived out and explained that they had experienced a server glitch, and thus, the whistleblower knowledge was no fantastic.

And as the DoD was hiding at the rear of the unsigned assertion about a “server glitch,” Mathew Crawford went ahead and analyzed a established of publicly readily available but obscure field reports sourced from that identical DoD databases (DMED).

Having looked at the reports, he discovered that by the time the courageous whistle blowers queried the DMED knowledge, the information could have been now corrupted twice, making use of two different solutions — most likely covering up vaccine injuries in a extremely tough way. (We’d need to have to seem at the original facts in order to know for sure what occurred.)

Mathew thinks that most likely, somebody at the DoD seen elevated amounts of sickness in the 2021 details — just after all, that’s what the whistleblower doctors have been observing on the floor — and decided address it up.

He thinks that the most important coverup was completed by retroactively modifying the knowledge in DMED for the previous yrs (2016 by means of 2020, which was performed mid-2021, someplace in between May possibly and July 2021, just before Tom Renz’s announcement), hence making previously a long time seem worse than they have been, in a variety of groups.

But then in addition to that, the now altered database was migrated to a new server, probably to make it additional complicated to look into. For every Mathew, it is theoretically probable that the in the approach of migration, there was a authentic glitch — or possibly there was an intentional glitch to create far more confusion and discredit any potential whistle blowers.

Mather’s primary issue is that even if there was a glitch, that glitch possible came on leading of the currently faked facts — and that is what he is attempting to scream from the rooftops about.

And astonishingly, if there truly was a glitch during the sever migration (all over August 2021), it went unnoticed for five months — in the armed service — even with the simple fact that the details was applied by the DoD for troop preparedness evaluation, and also internally applied by the CDC. No significant offer, I guess.

No just one seemed, and no 1 noticed for at the very least five months that the information for former years had been through extraordinary improvements! I say, believe that the DoD. They are honest and would never ever lie to us. Listed here is the early timeline, as a immediate quotation from Mathew:

In January, Renz testified on behalf of the whistleblowers.

Many times afterwards, even now in January, the DoD took DMED offline. The data was updated considerably, and the DoD claimed the glitch story with no other clarification.

On February 14, I spot the ahistorical DMED facts manipulation in the MSMR. The DoD possible hardly ever envisioned any one to seem via people aged experiences and test all the previous reports to comprehensive summarize the DMED information heritage. At this level, only Renz and I know this degree of detail, though I had only superficially laid out what I identified to him at that issue.

On February 15, the DoD tends to make the unsigned assert of the server migration introducing the glitch, and gets admonished by a choose for not possessing an pro witness backing their claims.

March 11, Renz sends a 193-web page report to Congress that incorporates my a person-page affidavit about the most likely DMED manipulation. It is most likely that no one at the CDC or DoD browse that element at the time.

March 22, I posted my initially post about what I observed. The DoD in all probability is not paying consideration.

On April 6, I bundled the MSMR manipulations in my summary of all the dirty details in my discuss throughout the VRBPAC conference. It has been claimed to me that right all around that time, the 2016-2020 facts quickly goes offline once more (the rest of the databases looks accessible) in DMED!

Down below is the basic timeline, according to what Mathew explained to me in the interview (I have printed a version of this timeline listed here):

The Timeline and the Common Plot

The Office of Protection maintains a health-related database named DMED. The database information several navy medical occasions. It does not document mortality details.

In addition to privately maintaining DMED, they also publish an obscure field journal named “Medical Surveillance Month-to-month Reviews.” The figures posted in MSMR are based on the same DoD databases, DMED. The reports are publicly offered.

Each yr, generally all over Could, as a aspect of MSMR, they publish yearly totals for the earlier yr and for various preceding many years. The stories go in excess of a variety of categories of facts, centered on professional medical billing codes.

When in 2021 they printed their yearly totals, the historical facts for preceding years was altered from what it had previously been. (For case in point, the 2016 numbers revealed in 2021 were quickly distinct from the 2016 quantities revealed earlier, and so forth.) Executing so modified the stage of reference for the 2021 quantities.

Even so, contrary to the typical apply of information investigation, no rationalization for the improve was provided. See Mathew’s graph underneath, built on the foundation of the MSMR details:

medical surveillance monthly reports

The 2021 info (which Mathew thinks no person had bothered to falsify on a massive scale even though the knowledge was even now coming in) exhibits an elevated sign for a variety of health care events, dispersed amid a variety of categories of clinical billing codes.

Curiously, “Bell’s Palsy” is a class that does not display an increase in 2021, which seems like an anomaly if in contrast to the details from other sections of the globe.

Close to August 2021, the DoD migrated the DMED database to a new server. Mathew thinks that in the system, the data was corrupted for the next time, and it is not known no matter if the added layer of corruption was added by incident, or irrespective of whether it was additional to produce confusion.

It appears to be like as a end result of the server migration, the quantities for previously several years ended up decreased once more — but in a way that doesn’t make them identical or shut to the quantities that have been earlier documented through MSMR.

Meanwhile, in no relation to any of this, several medical professionals in the military have bravely blown the whistle on the strange amounts of health issues they were observing between the assistance users, with likely attribution to the COVID injections.

In an explosive statement, legal professional Tom Renz unveiled that he had whistleblower facts queried from DMED, and that the data was displaying a extremely significant boost in well being troubles in 2021. (See also Sen. Ron Johnson roundtable).

Mathew believes that the whistleblowers queried the facts soon after two ranges of corruption of the database had by now happened — so that info was primarily rubbish, and the DoD might have set up the lure on objective — but at the time, nobody realized that — and the brave whistleblowers imagined they had been accessing reliable knowledge.

A several times immediately after that, the DoD issued a vague, unsigned assertion by PolitiFact declaring that there experienced been a server glitch, and for that reason the whistleblower information was no great.

That assertion invoked a heated response. Those who thought in “safe and efficient vaccines” considered the DoD, and the “hesitant” ones assumed the DoD was lying about the glitch.

But according to Mathew, the argument about the server glitch is a trap for the reason that the real fraud most probably occurred earlier, in 2021, right before the server migration. The server glitch only added an additional layer of confusion.

A noteworthy simple fact: the “glitch” happened around August 2021 — and for many months, nobody discovered. That, in spite of the truth that the knowledge was applied to appraise troop readiness, and was also internally examined by the CDC.

Mathew thinks that this could be a single of the greatest health care info frauds of our situations.

An included bonus: bizarrely, in accordance to the “post-glitch” facts, the U.S. military experienced no overall health crisis in 2020:

what happened with the r-codes

What Now?

Mathew hopes that a quantity of lawyers file FOIA requests and try to get a maintain of the unique data. This is not an straightforward activity by any extend of creativeness. The facts could be categorized — and for each Mathew, opening it up to the public could even demand an Act of Congress.

But on the other hand, if the DoD bureaucrats are genuine — which of system they are mainly because they would by no means lie to us — and if they are by now publishing their data in an industry journal, and if the injections are risk-free and successful, what do they have to disguise?

Importantly, Mathew is encouraging fascinated parties to independently seem at the MSMR data and attract their personal conclusions. The data is publicly readily available.

On my end, I truly feel like we should really test every avenue to create the reality. At this stage, our lawful program is a minor little bit shaky but it’s continue to operating — and I hope that extra and extra people today begin imagining from the inside and inquiring inquiries. I also hope that skilled lawyers file individuals FOIA requests, and we begin having someplace. And yes, we may well need to have a wonder but miracles observe adore and braveness. Time for adore and braveness is now.

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