How Do The Different Seasons Affect Your Car?

How Do The Different Seasons Affect Your Car?

As the weather starts to get warmer and days start to get longer, we still mustn’t let slip the care that we take of our cars. Different weather conditions can have unwanted effects on all different types of vehicles, and some can be detrimental. 

It’s important that we understand the needs of our cars in these weather conditions and how to prevent issues when these seasons come around. Here’s how winter and summer weather conditions can affect your car.


Winter can throw some difficult weather conditions at your car, and sometimes it can lead to damages and breakdowns. 

One of the most common reasons for your car to break down in cold weather is to do with the car’s battery. Cold weather can affect the chemical process inside the battery, making it harder for it to hold a charge, thus resulting in your car not starting in the morning or on the way home from work. 

The most common reasons for winter breakdowns and complications are the tyres struggling to get enough grip on icy roads and in snow, and the battery struggling to hold it’s charge and causing a breakdown or failure to start. Electricals can also fail in the cold weather, causing some unfortunate people to be locked out of their car, or the car alarm to go off randomly without any tampering. 

Your windscreen can also become affected by the cold weather too. Due to freezing temperatures the glass begins to contract rapidly – this can cause chips, cracks, and further damage to any existing ones. It’s important that you deal with a crack as soon as you see it, as speedbumps and potholes can result in you needing an entirely new windscreen.  


The heat of summer is great for most, it means we can get some much-needed Vitamin D and enjoy the longer days. But for your car, the heat can cause havoc to your car’s cooling system. 

If you haven’t topped up the coolant recently, or it needs to be replaced, the thermostat in your car will start to rise and cause the car to overheat. This can lead to significant engine damage. 

If you turn your aircon on full blast during a hot summer’s day, the rapid change from hot to cold causes the glass to rapidly expand and contract which may also lead to a cracked windshield. Remember to keep your car cool in the heat with a sun cover and to gradually turn the aircon on to avoid any sudden cold air against the glass.

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