Different Suits to Wear to the Diwali Festival

Different Suits to Wear


What to Wear on Diwali Festival?

Most of the best Indian female suits that you can wear to Diwali are traditional and you can easily mix and match them. Even the ready-made designs come in a perfect combination of the best match to wear them in. For instance, a salwar, Kurti, and dupatta give you a worry-free suit since it comes in a set on how to wear it. For this Diwali go extra and trendy with the type of suit that will leave people in awe of what you are wearing. Choose unique designs, fabrics and color to have an outstanding range of ethnic suit outfits. Here are some of the best suits you can choose to upgrade your look during this festival.

  • Salwar suit

This is the most common suit in Indian fashion. Not only does it have diverse ways to mix and match with different ethnic outfits, but it is a proper outfit for the Diwali celebrations. Choose one in an orange color that matches perfectly to have a flow in your outfit. Optionally go for a silk Kurtis or kurta with minimal embroidery with matching pants. This look is elegant and you can never go wrong with a salwar suit that is of vibrant color and has beautiful embroidery on. Add on your jhumkas and jootis for that glam final look.

  • The Anarkali

The Anarkali

The evergreen Anarkali is a beautiful Indian dress that blends in well in any occasion. Therefore, for this Diwali choose an Anarkali dress that will add to your confidence during the celebrations. There are many types of them however choose a unique dupatta to get the exquisite look you are aiming for. For example, a dark blue Anarkali with small polka dots and an orange dupatta is a good combination. This is best worn during the puja and you can use the dupatta to cover your hair during the ceremony. All in all, remember to accessories to have a polished and complete look. 

  • The Mauve Suit

Do you want to feel youthful and feminine this Diwali? Pick the mauve suit and get some fashion therapy with it. It is beautiful and evokes those beautiful feelings of springtime. It is a great choice if you are wearing it to an office Diwali party. Adorn to it in plain mauve flow or add some gold to it for that extra boost to your outfit. Fortunately, there are a variety of mauve suits that you can choose from the ready-made market. Plus, you get your mauve fabric and have one made just for you that will suit the Diwali ceremony you want to attend it with.

  • The Anarkali Kurta Suit                      

Anarkali kurta suit

Once again the elegant Anarkali aims to impress. Especially in this floor-length style with matching churidar and an add on dupatta. This look just portrays a ready to the party feel. It is simple, descent and obvious Diwali outfits win. You can choose to wear it in subtle colors that keep you poised enough to mingle with people without looking too bold. Rock in this soothing attire and enjoy your Diwali celebrations through dance, food and watching the fireworks display.

  • Banarasi silk suit

Banarasi silk suit

This impressive vintage suit is all you need for a lit Diwali festival. Go for rusty orange color and in brocade to have that unique look from everyone. Choose a kurta that is well-tailored and flaunt in this never-aging silk brocade piece. Accessorize with those statement earrings in your wardrobe. Plus, hold your hair in a low bun to have a flow with this attire. This suit is love at first sight for those who aim to look fashionable in ethnic outfits.

  • Gharara suit 

Choose a Gharara suit in red and enjoy this Indian auspicious color to your Diwali. The Gharara is neat, beautiful and a cultural attire that will not disappoint your fashion taste come Diwali. The suit is trending and is not only for celebrities but for the fashion risk takers too. Adorn to one that is 100% cotton for comfort and total awesomeness. Pair this with an A-line kurta that has cold shoulder sleeves and a beautiful chiffon dupatta with a delicate print similar to the Gharara. Bring on your fashion game with this gharara and wear comfortable jootis for this look as you paint the Diwali celebrations red in this style.

  • Blend in a Gota Patti

Blend in a Gota Patti

The beautiful embroidery of the Gota Patti can be added on to your suit of choice for the Diwali festivity. Whether it is on your salwar suit, saree, Anarkali or a Lehenga choli outfit. The Gota Patti makes your suit look fabulous and ready to wear for your Diwali celebrations. Choose a mint green, white or pink color for this festival due to its awesome detailing. Have the embroidery in the dupatta too to maintain the flow of the outfit. Work on the accessories you choose to avoid them making you look overdressed hence losing the beauty of the Gota Patti.

  • Palazzo suits

By incorporating a palazzo suit as part of the outfits you will wear to a Diwali. It is a great way to upgrade your look and your wardrobe as well. The palazzo suit is alluring and its chic style look is what every woman yearns for. However, if you are short the suit is not a good choice for you for it makes you appear shorter. A perfect balance for this look is a straight line Kurti with palazzo pants for tall women is a gorgeous look.

  • Front slit suits

Front slit suits

The front slit suit is sexy and brings back life to your wardrobe choices. This is a great outfit to go to the Diwali on the new year for all the dancing, laughter and mingling. Unfortunately, do not choose this if you have a plump body type. However, the slim, hour figure and athletic body can style this throughout the Diwali celebration night. Put on your high heels and bring out your diva lookout to a night of fun and celebrations.

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