5 Different Types Of Car Accidents You Can Get Into

5 Different Types Of Car Accidents You Can Get Into

Car accidents are pretty damaging as they can lead to both physical and mental distortions of your body. You need to understand that if you want to get rid of the car accident issues, you have to know the different types of car accidents that can bother your life to a great extent.

There are several factors that you need to know when you are facing problems from car accidents. Different types of car accidents can cause different kinds of injuries to your body, and you need to be aware of them before they can cause severe damages to your body.

Different Kinds Of Car Accidents That You Need To Aware Of 

Several forms of car accidents are there that you must be aware of before they can cause any damage to your body. Let’s find out the different kinds to get prepared for it.

1. Head-On Collisions 

The chances of head-on collisions are less than three percent. It happens if the driver gets distracted while driving the car. It is not the most common form of a car accident that occurs. The injury and the fatality rate of these kinds of car accidents are high.

According to a leading San Diego personal injury attorney, head-on-collisions can be caused by any number of reasons. Drivers dozing off, of poor weather conditions or simple negligence can lead to severe head-on-collisions. Needless to say, head-on-collisions on the road can result in fatalities and serious injuries.

2. Rear-End Collisions 

Rear-end collisions are also another popular form of a car accident that can cause injury and fatality to a great extent. As per the traffic record, 33% of car accidents are rear collisions. For determining the liability of the accident, the task of the lawyers, insurance companies, and the investigators becomes quite challenging in this regard.

You need to understand these facts; the fatality and the mortality rate of these kinds of car accidents are considerably high. You need to determine what kind of lawyer can handle this case correctly. Brake failure can also lead to rear collisions.

3. Angle Collisions 

Angle collisions occur on the side of the vehicle. The people who are sitting in the back seats of the car are hurt badly. When your car’s driver does not follow the traffic signal and the safety norms, these kinds of accidents occur.

Malfunctioning of the signals, fallen stop signs, and many more reasons are there for the causation of the angle collision. These can be severe if you are not taken to the medical aid at the right time.

4. Sideswipe Collisions 

The sideswipe collisions record 12% of the total car accidents in the united states. There are many reasons why these kinds of crashes occur, like bad weather conditions, hailstorms, and poor visibility, leading to sideswipe collisions.

Sometimes the driver gets distracted due to texting messages, attending phone calls while driving, and many such issues can lead to collisions. The more careful you are, the better will be your chances to stay safe.

5. MultiVehicle Collisions 

Multi-Vehicle collisions can take place when a large number of vehicles collide at a time. It can happen due to the pile-up of small cars over a big vehicle. Trucks can create these kinds of scenarios if the truck driver is distracted and other small cars collide with it one after the other.

These kinds of accidents are pretty fatal and can cause severe damage to the car’s body and the people inside it. Try to be careful while driving vehicles on the road.


Hence, these are common forms of collisions and car accidents that you need to be aware of while driving the car on the road. Car accidents are pretty hazardous. The more you know the types of car accidents, the better you can take the precautions to get rid of these kinds of hazards. Follow the safety norms while driving the car on the road in a better way to get things done in the correct order.

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