Different Types Of Esthetician Equipment

Different Types Of Esthetician Equipment

When you want to be the best esthetician professional, your best bet will be having a clinic equipped with all advanced esthetician machines.

Whether you want to practice as a private esthetician or work in a medical spa or resort, you need to get all esthetician essentials to provide your clients with the best experience and result. All equipment for an esthetician can make or break your job as it can make the job easier and efficient.

However, selecting the required equipment from the best esthetician company will be your first step as investing in poor-quality equipment will only give you loss. To choose all the equipment needed by an esthetician, first, make a list. Many of the equipment may not be mandatory for different states. However, see the list of all the equipment:

  • UV Sterile Cab  

It will help you in making all the equipment free from bacteria for use. This helps in extending the life of various tools like stainless steel supplies etc. So, it’s a necessary tool because you would not want your client to get any kind of infection. UV light from sterile cab kills bacteria in 10 seconds and 99.9% of most of the viruses.

  • Table

You can either choose an electric table, a hydraulic table or manual one suiting your budget. However, it should be comfortable for your clients of any size and weight. The table you opt for should also be comforting for you too while giving treatment, or you will end up hurting your back.

  • Autoclave 

It’s a tool which is included in the rule book of certain countries and if it’s not then also you should have one to disinfect your tools. Autoclaves kill bacteria and infections. This tool works with high pressure and steam, killing the bacteria on equipment. It is also used in hospitals and doctors’ offices too, to sterilize equipment and tools

  • Magnifying Lamp 

It is going to be your best friend for extracting your client’s skin minutely and perfect without hurting them. You should always choose a lamp that has a light to help you get extra light during various procedures done. This magnifying lamp comes with different lenses to choose from; you should always select a magnifier that is of high-resolution, which is enough to help you see your client pores up-close. You can also choose the magnifying lamp that can be worn on the head; it is compact that takes less space.

  • Steamer 

It is a tool which is going to make your client give a feel of a spa. This tool makes the treatment and facials more powerful and gives results and makes your client come to you again and again. 

There are many types of steamer like one with the option of adding essential oils in a separate compartment and others which offer the facility to add extra oxygen to the skin. You just need to choose the best esthetician machines equipment that fits your services and your procedure. 

  • Extractors

This equipment will help you provide your clients with something more while doing facials. You should choose stainless steel extractors as it can be cleaned and sterilized easily. There are various options available in extraction which have different sizes, shapes and colors too. The higher quality will be costly, but it will be worth it, as it will not wear or weaken with regular use.

  • Digital Imaging 

A digital imager esthetician equipment will help you take your clients before and after photographs, and give them a view of their treatment difference. Moreover, it’s also a must-have for medical spas.

  • Microdermabrasion Machine 

There are typically two types of this machine: 

Crystal microdermabrasion machine blasts ultra-fine crystal particles from it with a handheld wand onto the skin, gently scrubbing away exfoliated skin. 

Diamond tipped dermabrasion machine, also has a wand tipped with a diamond that directly abrades the skin.

  • Exfoliating Brush 

These esthetician essentials opted should be gentle that won’t harbor bacteria and not damage the skin. It is used to help exfoliate the skin while cleansing.  However, it should not be used on skin with acne as it can spread bacteria.

  • Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber 

It is an esthetician machine which will be great to be used on sensitive skin. These devices use ultrasonic sound waves of tens of thousands of vibrations per second, which gently remove dead skin, blackheads and other epidermal debris. 

  • Microfiber Towel and Washcloths 

These are the essential thing in the treatment room, as it is also helpful in removing skincare products without smearing them around as sponges do. These should be worn but not hot while using on client skin.


You should buy and use tools and equipment which are made by the best esthetician company in the business.

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