Role of Digital Healthcare in Rapid COVID Testing

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With the outbreak and spread of COVID-19, healthcare experts were constantly looking for quick means of diagnosis and treatment to curb the outrage of the disease. The outbreak of COVID was so severe that it needed immediate attention. In such a situation, the role of digital healthcare became more crucial.

As a result of the drastic impacts of coronavirus on all sectors of life, there was a need to go digital for rapid COVID testing. Testing laboratories worldwide were over-burdened with testing samples during the peak of the pandemic. It caused delays in getting test results that resultantly delayed the treatment. Going digital with COVID testing helped reduce that burden and enabled individuals to access resources with ease and comfort.

Types of COVID Tests

Frequent COVID testing has become the new normal nowadays as it is inevitable for preventing and curing the disease. COVID-19 can be diagnosed by undergoing two types of tests. One deals with detecting SARS-CoV2 that causes COVID-19. The other is concerned with detecting the antibodies in a person who has earlier contracted and cured the disease. The tests are named viral test and antibody test, respectively. 

  • The Viral Test

Viral tests are used to detect if the person has a viral infection when taking a test or not. It uses a sample from the nose or throat of the symptomatic person to detect the presence of the virus. Examples of viral tests include the Antigen test and NAATs (Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests). Viral tests are classified into two broad categories.

  • Rapid COVID Testing
  • Laboratory Tests. 

Rapid COVID testing

As the name indicates, rapid tests give results rapidly within a few minutes or hours. It may include some types of NAATs and antigen tests. The use of technology has enabled people to take self-tests that can be taken at home easily. Rapid Antigen Tests or RATs are the most common and widely used, in fact SureScreen RAT Tests for Kids even allows children to test safely and easily. While professional lab tests are a great source of limiting the spread of the virus, these RATs allow people to test at the first signs of symptoms for the timely detection of the virus and isolate themselves from others.

Laboratory Test

Laboratory tests are performed at a laboratory where samples are tested, and then results are produced. It might take days for the results to come out. Some types of Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests and RT-PCR are types of laboratory tests. You can also get these tests’ results in a day or so by choosing an efficient laboratory. 

  • Antibody test

Antibody tests are not used to detect viruses. They are concerned with detecting antibodies and are also known as serology tests. So, they help the immune system fight viral infections and prevent them from affecting the body. An antibody test enables health professionals to know about the level of immunity of an individual against COVID-19. 

The Implication of Digital Healthcare in COVID Testing

With the help of digital healthcare applications, COVID testing has become handier for people. It has helped create awareness among people, encouraged them to seek immediate medical attention in case of symptoms. And has also enriched them with the basic knowledge of precautions to be observed in case of contracting virus. Besides this, Rapid COVID testing has provided easy access to individuals to COVID tests irrespective of their demographic limitations. 

Following are the key implications of Digital healthcare that proved to be a breakthrough in COVID testing.

  • Coronavirus Self-Checker

Coronavirus self-checker is an amazing interactive tool for guiding people regarding COVID testing. It is a clinical assessment tool designed and built for assisting adults and children (above the age of 13) and their caretakers. It directs people on what to do if they suffer from symptoms related to COVID-19. Also, what to do if they close contact with someone suffering from the virus. It also tells them when they need assistance from healthcare experts and when to go for COVID Testing Chicago

This tool is available online and is compatible with gadgets such as laptops and mobile phones. Due to this, they are accessible by the majority of the population. The coronavirus self-checker works by asking the user several questions to assess their current health condition and symptoms of COVID-19. Based on the response from users, it suggests necessary actions to be taken. It also provides resources for immediate assistance.

  • COVID-19 Viral Testing Tool

The COVID-19 Viral Testing Tool is another interactive web-based tool for rapid COVID testing. It is designed to assist individuals and healthcare professionals regarding the available COVID testing options and their suitability. This tool provides easy access to the most useful and relevant information within a few clicks. Based on information collected by this tool, it recommends the most suitable type of test an individual should undertake.

It also interprets test results for you and then guides you for further steps to be taken. COVID-19 Viral Testing tool is available online for users and works well on mobile phones. The users are required to answer a series of questions regarding their health. Based on the response, the resulting guidelines are directed. 

  • Over-The-Counter Diagnostic Test Kit

OTC at-home COVID diagnostic test kit is approved by FDA as the first Antigen testing OTC at-home diagnostic kit. This kit is useful for kids and adults who are symptomatic or asymptomatic. The person taking the test collects his sample and analyzes it by a device connected with the smartphone. It produces results within a few minutes through the smartphone. However, using these kits is not usually preferred because if you’re looking for efficient, professional results, you must go for expert COVID testing Chicago. 

Get Tested Now! 

Rapid COVID testing is vital to combat the virus from spreading. With the emergence of new spreading variants such as Delta and Omicron, the need for professional lab tests is relatively high. People opt for home-based kits and often rely on the erroneous results in such a situation. Modern technology has made professional COVID tests efficient, fast, and competent. Thus, choose a reliable laboratory and get your test done now! 

Keep yourself and everyone around you safe by opting for Chicago COVID testing in time.

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