Digital Renaissance In Mortgage And Transformation In Mortgage Industry

Digital Renaissance In Mortgage And Transformation In Mortgage Industry


After weeks of financial drama, tense negotiations and serious discussion with the real estate professionals, mortgage lenders and lawyers, a homeowner looks forward to the closing day. The closing disclosure is one of the most important pieces of paperwork that contains details of the buyer’s home loan- monthly instalment value, mortgage interest rate, etc. It is advised to review the paperwork carefully, so the loaning process functions swiftly at the closing table and beyond. Mortgage settlement services handle the mortgage refinance, right from approval of the purchase contract until the day you get the keys to your new home. 

We at Covius believe that homeownership should be lucid and low-cost. Our team of expert financial advisors work closely with the client from document generation to management of preliminary closures and closing documents. Leveraging automation and technology, each task at Covis reduces process turn times and costs while enhancing loan quality. The team of financial advisors work effortlessly behind the scenes, 24/7, allowing the home loaning process faster than you can ever imagine. Covius has successfully provided mortgage settlement support with their malleable client platform for document intake, recognition and indexing services with security to user credentials. Our team of highly qualified mortgage professionals efficiently address any mortgage processing requirements from the initial step to the closing disclosure. We design custom documents and client-specific changes so that our services fit your needs. 

At Covius, the end to end document management system includes:


We digitize all important documents – client information, W-2 forms, credit check reports and tax return records and bring them aboard your automated CRM system. We execute multi-tier document verification steps to ensure the accuracy of the information for future reference. 

Document Indexing

Our document management tool automates the document indexing process such that the system interprets readable texts from documents to achieve important information. We categorize all client documents according to name, estate information, credit score and more. We organize your documents, making it easy for you to refer to them whenever required.

Document Conversion Services

A document conversion services at Covius, we design and manage specific documents in the required format to prepare them for the underwriting process. We convert large documents into various sizes to be used whenever required in a specific size or version. 

Data Audit and Backup Services

We conduct audits to ensure high levels of accuracy in information. We employ technologically advanced tools to filter through all the recorded information and identify inconsistencies in the database along with data backup programming.

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