How to DIY Your Own Swing Set

How to DIY Your Own Swing Set

Building a swing set for your backyard is a rewarding experience. Not only will you get to create something completely by yourself, but you’ll get to see your kids enjoy it for years to come. This summer staple is a great way to get your hands on a project that won’t take too long and isn’t too terribly difficult. 

This project will take you approximately 3-4 hours, and it will cost around $300. 

Step 1: Gather Supplies

First and foremost, you need to gather the supplies needed to build your swing set. Don’t skimp out on supplies, as missing a bracket or a bolt could make the whole thing fall apart completely, all of your hard work down the drain.

Here are the materials that you’ll need: 

  • Swing hangers (2 per swing) 
  • Galvanized bolts 
  • Lock washer
  • Swing chains
  • Swing seats (or you can make your own) 
  • A-frame swing set brackets
  • 1 12x4x6 post
  • 4 10x4x4 posts
  • Anchors
  • Drill 

Step 2: Posts and Brackets

It’s important to make sure that you’re using pressure-treated wood, as it will last much longer than other wood options. Swing set brackets are pretty straightforward and easy to use, so all you’ll need to do is insert your posts into the corresponding holes and bolt them in. 

Once the posts are bolted in, you can bring the frame up to a standing position. 

Step 3: Anchor it Down

You should then use whatever anchors you purchased (or cement) to anchor down your swing set. This will prevent it from moving when someone swings on it. The last thing you want is for it to fall over or shift when someone’s using it. 

Dig small holes for each of the legs and fill back around them. To make the anchoring more sturdy, you should use cement. 

Step 4: Hang the Swings

Measure out where you want your swings to go and start drilling. Assemble the swings separately so they’re ready to hang up when you need them. Depending on the materials you get, your swings may already be mostly assembled, only requiring the anchors to be placed into the top so they can be attached. 

If you’re making your own swing seats, you’ll need to buy rope, chain, and your own anchors to attach them to the top beam. Make sure to sand down the wood of the seat so it’s comfortable for anyone who sits on it. 

Step 5: Test it Out

Before you allow any children to get on the swing set, you should test it out for yourself. Can it handle your body weight? What happens when you swing really high? Use caution, as you obviously don’t want to hurt yourself, but you should still try and push its limits as a child might. 

If there seem to be any issues after you’ve tested it, fix them right away and retest to make sure that it’s safe. Once you’ve fulling tested the swing set yourself, it’s time to let your kids have a turn. 

Step 6: Enjoy!

Once everything is complete and tested, you’ll get to see your children use the swing set that you built for them with your bare hands! There’s nothing more satisfying than that. 

Soon enough you’ll be ready for your next project. There are always more things you can build for your backyard, including a slide, a treehouse, and many other small projects. Ask your kids what they want to see you build next, then give it a shot! 

If your swing set needs repairing through the year, don’t ignore it. Always fix problems as they arise so you can cherish your swing set for years to come.

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