What Should I Do After My Slip and Fall Accident?

What Should I Do After My Slip and Fall Accident?

There’s no doubt about it: falling is a scary experience. Not only do falls hurt, they can also lead to significant medical complications and hefty hospital bills. Sometimes slips and falls are simply accidents that couldn’t be avoided. However, if you’ve suffered a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property, it is very important to be fully aware of what to do after a slip and fall accident in order to ensure that you aren’t stuck with a lifetime of issues.

A Step-By-Step Process to Follow After a Fall

  1. Seek Medical Attention.
    First and foremost, make sure you are safe. Even if the fall didn’t cause a medical emergency, it is vital that you see a qualified healthcare professional as quickly as possible. This is due to the fact that some injuries are internal and may not be immediately apparent. Also, the physician’s documentation will be important to have available, should you need to pursue legal action.
  2. Analyze the Scene of the Accident.
  3. Gather Eyewitness Information.
    If anyone was with you or saw the fall happen, ensure that you speak with them and, at a minimum, get their contact information to follow up later.
  4. Request an Incident Report.
    If your fall happened at a business such as a mall, they will have a procedure to report accidents such as falls. Be certain that a detailed incident report has been completed for your slip and fall accident.

In addition to these steps discussed above after such a situation, it’s important to keep in mind what you should avoid doing after a slip and fall accident. The main action to avoid is speaking with insurance adjustors. Insurance companies want to open and shut the case as quickly as possible. If you agree to settle the claim with the insurance company, you will no longer be able to seek further damages that may not have manifested yet. Alternatively, if you enlist the services of a personal injury lawyer, he or she will help you navigate your next steps and ensure that you receive what you are due.

I Had a Slip and Fall Accident a Long Time Ago, Can I Still Sue?

The amount of time you have to act after a slip and fall depends on a multitude of factors. For some cases in New York, you may have up to three years to file your complaint. However, with other cases, you may only have one year and 90 days. If you are seeking representation in your slip and fall case, it is to your best interest to hire knowledgeable lawyers who have extensive experience in dealing with these legal matters and ensure you receive the compensation that you deserve.

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