What To Do If You Can’t Afford A Divorce Lawyer?

What To Do If You Can’t Afford A Divorce Lawyer?


Getting a divorce can be an emotionally draining and complex process. Apart from being challenging, it is also expensive. The total expense for the lawyer along with the court expenditures together costs a hefty sum. The lawyer’s expertise is also something that should be considered while hiring a lawyer. You should do thorough research before hiring an Expert Divorce Lawyer in Peoria, IL. You could try ways to cut down costs and understand the divorce procedure on your own. However, it may not guarantee full legal protection.

If you cannot afford a divorce lawyer, you could opt for the free consultation that most lawyers provide. They could guide you through the following points:

Limited Scope Representation

Your divorce lawyer could provide you with Limited Score Representation, which means you need not pay a large amount of money but you could get a discount. This could be applicable if critical factors, such as children and properties, are not a part of your case. The lawyer would also help you with your documents and would provide you with legal advice. However, they would not be present during the mediation.


You can also opt for separation where you and your ex-partner could live separately. However, your marriage would remain legal. If factors such as children and property are not involved, this procedure would be the most affordable one. However, you would still have to file documentation to the divorce court.

Pro Bono Lawyer and Bar Association

A Pro Bono Lawyer is someone that would carry out the process without charging a fee. You could refer to the closest Bar Association to find a Pro Bono Lawyer. They would be responsible for guiding you in the right direction when selecting a Pro Bono Lawyer. They would provide free legal advice along with discounted services.

All the above ways could help you find a lawyer that could provide you with services that are cost-free or discounted depending on your case. Along with this, you should also consider the factors that affect the divorce procedure. These include:

Plan your divorce:

Only file for a divorce when you are ready for it. Keep in mind the consequences of the divorce and plan things carefully.

Plan the documents:

Keep the documents well organized so that they could save time. Not having the appropriate documents would not only waste time but could also cost money. Also, make copies of the documents.

Focus on your children:

The divorce could have an adverse effect on the lives of your children. Ensure the process takes place healthily to help children avoid possible emotional trauma. Also, divide the parenting equally so that it does not create any kind of disputes in the near future.

Be civil:

Try to be civil and respect your spouse so that it does not affect the divorce process.

To find a top family lawyer in Peoria, IL, you should first do proper research keeping all these above factors in mind. Once you are clear with the documentation requirement and considered the assistance of your lawyer, you can carry out the divorce process.

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