Does Lavender Oil Should Be Used Before Natural Shampoo Soap Bar

Natural Shampoo Soap Bar

Hair health depends on your appetite. Healthy eating effectively impacts the body; in short, less prone to diseases. Good-shiny hair builds your personality and seeks your friend’s attention. But how to ensure your hair is getting adequate care or not? 

There are some essential oils that serve a different purpose for hair. Some are good for hair moisturizing, some make the scalp clean & strong, and some are good for hair growth. Essential oils are known for their aromatic capabilities. Moreover, possess nutritional properties that are useful for human health. 

It’s always essential to use natural hair products as they work slowly from the core and offer fruitful results over time. The best part is that they are chemical & cruelty-free. Hence, there is a pretty low risk of side effects. 

Lavender oil is famous because of the multiple advantages it inherits; let’s know about it. 

➤ Stimulate Hair Growth

How do you feel about hair fall while setting for going to the office? Indeed, this might upset you. Even girls share their hair fall issue with their companions. There is so much stress and external factors like pollution, etc., increase hair fall. 

Lavender oil heals the hair fall issues and results in more hair growth. According to studies, lavender oil may also help with problems such as pattern baldness or alopecia. There are some trusted brands that offer shampoo soap bar contain lavender and other significant oils for promoting hair growth. 

➤ It’s Antimicrobial

Lavender oil has antimicrobial properties that prevent itchy scalp, dandruff, or other scalp infection. Generally, dandruff is due to the hot water bath and dry scalp. Using lavender oil twice a week will prevent bacteria from growing and keeping your scalp moisturized. 

➤Prevent Head Lice & Scalp Inflammation

Head-lice is a tiny little insect that can live on your hair for too long as they feed on the blood. Use lavender oil mixed with tree oil to prevent head lice. However, don’t stop the doctor’s prescription. Thanks to this naturally extracted oil that reduces scalp dryness & inflammation. 

How to Apply Lavender Oil to Hair?

Find out the ways to use lavender oil to experience wonderful results:

➤Massage the Oil Into Your Scalp

Add jojoba and coconut oil with lavender oil to make your hair strong. The mixture of lavender with these two carrier oils should be in an equal ratio. Massage the oil into your scalp and keep it overnight. You’ll enjoy the fragrance and the calming effect. Follow this procedure once or twice a week. In the morning, rinse off with lavender bar shampoo for oily hair. 

➤Add Oil to Your Hair Products

You might be surprised if you are not aware of this step. You can add lavender oil to shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, hair serum, etc. Make sure to add three to five drops to your hair product in a separate container (avoid plastic ones). Make it a regular exercise whenever applying the product to your hair. 

➤Use Lavender Hair Products

Lavender oil gives rapid & productive results with the combo of lavender hair products such as shampoo soap bar. For lavender oil, such products are a suitable match. 

Think about your hair as they are a part of your beauty. Stay confident and flaunt your look with healthy hair. 

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