Does your potential to stand on a single leg forecast your threat of dying soon?

Does your potential to stand on a single leg forecast your threat of dying soon?


Some medical doctors say wellbeing checks for more mature folks really should involve the “flamingo harmony test”, inquiring individuals to stand on one leg for 10 seconds – but the connection involving stability and wellbeing is unclear

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22 June 2022

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How crucial is the skill to stand on 1 leg?


Men and women who are middle-aged or more mature and can not equilibrium on a person leg for 10 seconds are more likely to die in the upcoming seven yrs than individuals who can do it, according to a study out this 7 days. What is the clarification, and should people practise standing on 1 leg at house? This is what the science says:

What did the analyze examine?

Men and women aged involving 51 and 75 had been questioned to stand on one particular leg for 10 seconds, with just one foot touching the calf of the other leg – a little bit like a flamingo. Those people who couldn’t do this had a increased charge of dying in the course of the upcoming 7 several years than all those who done it: 17.5 for every cent versus 4.6 for every cent. The study associated about 1700 persons based in Brazil, most of whom have been white.

Could the findings be linked to other components, instead than sick well being?

They could. For instance, individuals have a tendency to get worse at passing this equilibrium exam with age, and if you are more mature, you are extra probable to die. Most of all those who were being around 70 have been unable to complete the exam. But when the benefits have been altered for elements such as age, bodyweight, intercourse and ill health, they nevertheless showed that persons who could not pass the equilibrium check had almost double the demise level, with an 84 for each cent better possibility of dying throughout the research interval.

Why would medical practitioners inquire men and women to do this test?

Observing if people today can stand on one particular leg has lengthy been applied to check stability. Falls are a main killer of more mature people, commonly since if they drop about, they could split a hip and need to have operation, with some by no means regaining their previous mobility. “It can be a spiral,” says David Stensel at Loughborough College, British isles. 

So had been the fatalities in this research related to falls?

It isn’t distinct how considerably falls contributed to the deaths of the 123 individuals who died all through the examine, if at all. The principal triggers of death were being cancer, heart illness and respiratory disorders, which include covid-19. Falls and restoration from surgical procedures could have contributed to some of those deaths – for illustration, folks who turn into motionless could see their coronary heart sickness worsen – but such variables weren’t recorded.

How else could balance be connected to dying price?

The skill to stand on a single leg relies upon not just on equilibrium, but also on leg energy, which is linked to over-all body strength and physical health, claims Stensel. People today who have heart sickness or most cancers, say, tend to be less lively and so would eliminate leg toughness. “It could just be that capacity to equilibrium is joined with strength in the legs, which is linked with all round energy and fitness,” he claims.

Are the conclusions surprising?

Earlier study has uncovered that very similar exams can give clues about our health. For occasion, bigger death fees from coronary heart disease in older people correlate with slow walking pace, in a check where they have been requested to stroll 6 metres as rapid as attainable. In general demise prices are also connected with people’s ability to stand up from sitting on the floor. Probably additional astonishingly, hazard of demise also correlates with a poor grip energy, in which anyone is asked to squeeze a screening gadget as really hard as they can, according to several scientific tests.

Should really medical professionals begin asking people to do the examination?

The scientists, led by Claudio Gil Araujo at Clinimex work out medicine clinic in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, say in their paper that there would be “potential gain to such as the take a look at as part of schedule physical assessment in center-aged and more mature adults”. It is “simple to include in program practice as it demands less than 1 or 2 minutes”, they say. But in nations this sort of as the Uk exactly where overall health expert services are previously stretched, active spouse and children physicians might not have time.

How can I increase my balance?

Because it may well be in general conditioning and human body strength that is influencing the hyperlink between passing the flamingo stability test and threat of demise, this study doesn’t display that seeking to increase equilibrium could support you live more time. In more mature older people, most likely muscle toughness is the most significant fitness intention, suggests Stensel. “We have all only received so a great deal time in the day.”

But individuals with far better balance are a lot less very likely to tumble over, states Uzo Ehiogu, a spokesperson for the Chartered Culture of Physiotherapy in the United kingdom. If you want to boost your equilibrium, physios recommend older men and women to do straightforward routines these types of as walking in a line as if they are on a tightrope – or standing on a single leg.

Journal reference: British Journal of Sporting activities Medicine, DOI: 10.1136/bjsports-2021-105360

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