Dog Boarding Services In Sydney – Is it Good or Bad for Your Canine


Sometimes, the day comes when urgent business meetings or unexpected emergencies demand your immediate attention, and you have to leave your beloved pet behind. 

At times, most devoted pet owners seek an answer to the question – What’s the best way to ensure the well-being of your cherished four-legged friend? 

In Sydney, a bustling city where canine companions are an integral part of countless households, pet owners may choose to rely on their neighbours or hire a pet sitter. 

However, both options are not feasible, especially when it comes to a few days to several weeks or months. Here is where dog boarding services come into play.

So, what is dog boarding?

Dog boarding means a place where you can leave your pooch in the care of a professional facility or individual for a set period. In exchange, the individual will charge you a fee. 

Unlike pet sitting, where the carer stays within your home to take care of your pet, your dog will stay with a licensed carer within their home. The carer will be responsible for everything your dog needs. It ranges from taking your pet for a walk to ensuring that your pet gets its meals, medicines and vaccinations on time. In short, they will ensure your dog’s overall well-being. 

Some dog boarding companies offer their services during the day, whereas others specialise in long-term boarding. So, which option you choose depends on the time of your unavailability. 

However, here comes a question – Are dog boarding services safe? Let’s discuss the same:

Is it good or bad to leave your four-legged pet in dog boarding?

Generally, dog boarding is the best option for dedicated dog owners, especially when they are busy with their tasks and can’t concentrate on their pets at times. However, some dogs are not good for boarding, including anxious dogs, fearful dogs, or aggressive dogs. 

So, before you go ahead, make sure you understand your dog’s behaviour. And most importantly, weigh the pros and cons of dog boarding. So, here we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of dog boarding:

Pros of Dog Boarding

  • Socialisation

Socialisation is one of the major key skills a pet must have, especially when you want them to interact with the world in a healthy way. Dog boarding offers you the best opportunity to prevent anti-social behaviours. 

In a dog boarding, your canine will find several dogs and even cats. These animals may or may not belong to the caregiver. However, your pet will get an opportunity to interact with other animals, helping in boosting their socialising skills. 

Your pet will make new friends and appreciate the great company. In addition, this will help reduce loneliness, separation anxiety, aggression and reactivity towards other pets.

  • Proper Nutrition and Vaccinations

When you are away from your pet, you need to ensure it is getting its proper meals and vaccinations on time. So, when you leave your pet at a dog accommodation facility, their staff will keep paying attention to your pet’s meals and regulate its vaccinations. 

Moreover, if your pet has any health issues, they will offer your pet special food. They will also focus on keeping your pet hydrated during the stay. Not only will this benefit your pet but also offer you peace of mind knowing that your pet is in safe hands.

  • Fun, Play and Exercise

For a happy and healthy pet, proper nutrition is not sufficient. You must ensure it is getting proper time for fun and exercise. In dog boarding, your pet will get a playful company. 

The caregiver will introduce several fun activities to keep your pet entertained and busy. They will take your pets for a walk to ensure their health is in optimal condition. In addition, they will also take proper safety measures to ensure your dog is not posed with any risks. 

  • A professional and supervised environment

Pet boarding facilities keep the security of pets at priority. So, they ensure no one can enter the premises without their permission except the staff and pet owners. Not only will this eliminate the risk of your dog escaping or getting into dangerous situations but also allow your pet to stay comfortable.

Moreover, they have trained professionals and veterinarians who offer more attention and care to your pet than anyone else. They understand the language of animals, allowing them to know their needs. In case of emergencies or medical issues, your dog can receive prompt attention.

  • Privacy for your home

A pet boarding facility is an ideal option for those who value their privacy. When you hire a pet sitter, they will have access to your house. They can allow anyone to enter your home without informing you. On the other hand, when your pet is at boarding, no one can enter your home without your permission, allowing you to keep your privacy intact. Moreover, this will help you focus on your tasks without any worry. 

Cons of Day Boarding

  • Cost

Usually, quality dog boarding services tend to be expensive. They charge on an hourly basis, depending on the level of their services you want. So, dog boarding costs may be costly if you must go for a week or a month. 

  • Stress

Dogs enjoy having a routine and hanging out with their owners and other family members. But, when you leave your furry friend in a dog accommodation, its routine will abruptly change, and new people and animals will be in its immediate vicinity. As a result, getting used to new habits and surroundings can be difficult, which can cause stress, loss of appetite, and other behavioural changes.

The Bottom Line

Dog boarding in Sydney can be a beneficial solution for pet owners who need to leave their dogs in capable hands during their absence. However, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons, consider your dog’s individual needs, and choose a reputable facility that prioritises safety and well-being. 

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