How To Get A Driving School Certificate Insurance Discount?

How To Get A Driving School Certificate Insurance Discount

Leading insurers in Canada value policyholders who have successfully obtained their driving school certificates. While driving happens to be a pleasurable pursuit for you, insurers are primarily concerned about your competence behind the wheels. No wonder, why new drivers with a certificate from the recognized driving schools in Canada enjoy automobile insurance at discounted rates. In case you are just learning to drive, high insurance premiums may be bothering you for a while. The good news is, you can mitigate the premium that you had to otherwise shell out, once you complete your training.

Insurance specialists such as Surex often recommend that drivers obtain this certificate before they apply for the next policy. You can click here to reach out to the experts. This way, you can make significant savings on your automobile insurance scheme. After all, obtaining a driving school certificate is the quickest way to beat high premiums.

You Can Ditch Surcharges By Enrolling For Driving Courses

When you start being a better driver, you can easily ditch surcharges. Remember, undergoing professional training to be a better driver can benefit you in terms of lower auto insurance premiums. Of course, you would be more confident behind the wheels. Since the certificate would demonstrate your skills as a driver, the insurers would charge lower rates on car insurance policies.

However, undergoing driving courses may not help you fetch lower premium policies with every insurer. Each insurance company has its own set of norms regarding the course that they would consider ideal for drivers. This justifies the reason for which automobile owners consult insurance specialists. With proper guidance, they can make an informed decision.

Once you get to know the course that would serve your purpose, you need to look for the right area of specialization. Some drivers need help to ward off accidents. In these cases, defensive driving programs are highly recommended. In case you habitually speed with your car, you may opt for a driver re-education program. Different types of courses are available to pick from, and you need to be prudent while making your choice.

Does a Driving School Certificate Lower Insurance Rates?

Undergoing driving training from one of the Ministry-accredited institutions can significantly lower the rates of insurance. Most of the insurers would offer you premiums at 5% to 15% lower rates, once you furnish this certificate. In case you are a new or young driver, this process works perfectly in reducing the premiums. Given that a significant section of young or new drivers are tagged as ‘high-risk drivers’, undergoing training at a recognized institute can help you make significant savings.

Besides, training at a driving school can help you minimize premium rates in other ways too. If you are a G2 driver, you can graduate to a driver with G licenses in just 8 months, rather than the normal tenure of 12 months. In general, G2 drivers need to shell out greater amounts, as compared to G licensed drivers. This implies that you would be paying higher premiums for a shorter duration.

In this regard, you should note that the discount on driving school certificate insurance varies from one insurer to the next. Therefore, the actual discounted amount largely varies among different drivers.

How Much Is The Driving School Cost?

Attending a driving school in Canada would cost you around $600. However, you can also find a cheaper alternative when you shop around. After all, you would be forking out this $600 as an investment to obtain cheaper automobile insurance.

To give you an idea, here’s an instance. A 17-year-old driver in Canada would have to pay $6,870 annually on premiums. On completing the course, the insurance would drop to $5,181 a year. In the process, the driver would make a saving of $1,689 annually, and this would compensate for the $600 spent on training. For the next three years, the insurance rates would remain the same. The savings would accumulate over this period to amount to approximately $5,067 by the time the driver reaches 20.

You Can Bargain A Lower Insurance Rate

Once you are done with the training course, you would like to document your competence to the insurer. Next, the insurer would inform you over email or any other mode of communication about the reduced rate, or cancellation of surcharges. However, you may not enjoy the discounted rates unless you are proactive. Therefore, you need to contact the insurer and ensure that they receive the documentation.

At times, drivers need to bargain to lower their premium rates. You can contact the insurer and request a lower rate, mentioning that you have obtained the certificate.

Sometimes, you might find an automatic deduction in the insurance premiums after you completed the course. However, you can always call the company back and request a better discount. If they deny further reduction, it’s wise to shop around and find a new insurer who values your hard work and investment.

How Long Do You Need To Attend Driving School?

The duration of your training largely depends on your level of expertise and current driving skills. Once the trainers examine your skills, they can give you an estimated idea regarding the number of necessary sessions. In general, this training lasts for several weeks to a few months, before you can evolve as a competent driver. When you reach out to the training institute, you might come across several packages. This would include both in-class training and sessions on the road. In the process, you can master your driving skills. Of course, a mature driver would hone the skills faster than a teen driver.


Now that you know how a driving school certificate insurance can lower your premiums, you would be looking for the right training institute. Prior to that, it is important to consult the insurance specialists regarding the courses that the insurers would recognize. With a professional consultation, you would be on the right track from the outset. 

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