Easy Snoring Remedies: 5 Ways to Stop Snoring for Good

Easy Snoring Remedies: 5 Ways to Stop Snoring for Good

An estimated 45% of adults in Australia snore occasionally, while 25% snore frequently. If you live alone, this may not be too much of a problem. However, for those who share a bed with their partner, your snoring could be having a devastating impact on their sleep and mood. Loud snoring is commonly associated with obstructive sleep apnoea too, which can increase your risk of all sorts of health conditions.

We all need a good night’s sleep to function at our best, so if you have concerns about your snoring, here are five strategies you can try out today.

Alter Your Sleep Position

You may not be aware, but the position you sleep in can affect your quality of sleep, as well as how much you snore. For those who sleep on their back, not only can this increase snoring, but your complete airway can also collapse and cause obstructive sleep apnoea. To stop this from happening, it’s recommended to sleep on your side. For those who struggle to do this, you may want to buy a body pillow that supports your whole body while you get some much-needed shuteye. As you change your sleep position, you should notice an improvement in how much you snore.

Lose Weight

While it may sound obvious, losing weight can have a positive impact on your snoring. The more weight you carry around your neck, the worse your snoring can be. In fact, research shows that those who are overweight are twice as likely to snore when compared with those who aren’t. Losing a few pounds can improve your sleep quality dramatically. 

Use a Humidifier 

Although dry air may not necessarily be the root cause of your snoring, it can definitely aggravate it. To help you stop snoring for good, purchasing a few humidifiers for your bedroom will keep the air moist and nice. What’s more, the extra moisture in the air will keep your throat lubricated, making it simpler for air to flow in and out, without the worry of noisy vibrations in the process. 

Open Nasal Passages

If your snoring begins in your nose, it may help to keep your nasal passages open, allowing air to slowly move through. Should your nose become blocked due to a cold or flu, this can exacerbate snoring and hinder how much sleep you get. There are snoring aids you can try out to offer relief, which can be found online at sites like

Cut Back on Alcohol

For those who enjoy a glass of wine or beer before bedtime, it may be time to cut back or give up alcohol for good. The reason for this is because alcohol causes your throat muscles to relax, which can bring on snoring. Even if you don’t normally snore, alcohol can disrupt your sleep and leave you waking up feeling rundown and exhausted.

Excess snoring can impact your quality of sleep, be a contributing factor for sleep apnoea, as well as result in chronic sleep deprivation. To stop snoring for good, any of the remedies above may help.

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