5 Easy Tips To Prepare And Maintain A Pet-Friendly House

Pet-Friendly House

Believe me, before you bring a new furry friend to your house, it is essential to spend some time preparing the home for this event. Animals do not immediately become very intelligent and gain common sense. They are like children. Therefore, it’s worth a little preparation for making your home as safe as possible for your new four-leg companion.

So, read this list and try to complete all the points before welcoming your friend. 

Take Safety Measures For Your Furniture 

Not only are dogs quite hairy and unhygienic, but they also like to nibble around especially puppies. Make sure that the upholstery on your furniture is protected from scratches, and also try to remove all valuables away and locked so that your pet cannot get to them yourself. 

There is one technique that allows you to save some surfaces from the effects of pets – you spray them with a special spray, the taste of which is unpleasant for the animal. Only, please, first, make sure that this tool is also safe for the type of wood on which you are going to spray it. Control your dog as much as possible, and never stop scolding him for bad things to retrain him.

Construct A Fence Around Your House

The dog itself will not be able to guess where the territory allowed for it ends unless you show him the borders. Therefore, if you live in a private house, the first thing you should do is surround it with a reliable fence; otherwise, you will spend a considerable amount of your time running after your pet all over the district.

Dogs that roam around the homeless are several times more susceptible to various dangers than those sitting behind the fence. On the street, anything can wait for them: a dog can be hit by a car, it will be stolen, or the pet will catch some infection. 

The fence around your house should be high enough so that he cannot jump over it. Make sure that the gate is always closed and watch your pet so that he does not begin to dig his way to freedom under the fence.

Collect All The Prerequisites 

Your new neighbor will need some necessary things, so take care of them in advance. These include a bed, food, special containers for food, a collar, and a leash, toys, and various chewing things. Gather all this before you bring the puppy home. Make a place for him to sleep and layout toys around the house so that he, first of all, pays attention to them and not to your valuables. Also, take care of the place to eat.

Make Him Feel At Home

There are many ways with which you can make your pet feel at home. The best among them are the ones that showcase your love for him. Like plan for a custom dog portrait painting of him.  Each pet has a special characteristic in his appearances like big loving eyes or the mischievous smile. These portraits showcase these special characters of your pet in an amazing oil painting or sketch.  They proclaim your unconditional love for your companion plus, add charm to the decor. 

Make A Toilet 

You do not want your pet to use your house as a toilet? Then make sure that he has a special place for this. Maybe just for this, a small area in the backyard is suitable. Over time, your dog will understand where it is possible to “shit” and where it is impossible, but for this, you will have to work hard to accustom it.

Final Tip: Look Out For Plants

Some plants are dangerous for animals, so make sure that all your pots are as high as possible, and your four-legged friend simply could not get to them. Some large flowers and other plants are sprayed with a frightening spray so that the dogs do not even have a desire to approach them. 

If you live in a house, check your yard for the presence of plants, shrubs, and flowers unknown to you or harmful to animals. If you cannot get rid of them, protect them with a fence.


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