Emarketer Spotify 28.2m Podcastspereztechcrunch

Emarketer Spotify 28.2m Podcastspereztechcrunch


The prominence of streaming services in consumer audio consumption has been rapidly increasing since the introduction of music streaming giants like Spotify. According to a recent eMarketer report, 28.2 million US adults are now listening to podcasts each month through Spotify, a significant rise from the 19.6 million who listened to podcasts via the platform in 2019. In addition, eMarketer also found that through these podcasts, Spotify had managed to attract a larger millennial audience and increased their overall engagement levels. With its focus on podcasting, it is clear that the Swedish-based streaming giant is at the forefront of audio streaming and engaging listeners on many different levels.

Growth of Podcast Streaming on Spotify

The rapid growth in Spotify’s podcast streaming audience is a testament to its success in creating a user-friendly platform that enables podcasts to be easily discovered, distributed and consumed. The service’s intuitive algorithm helps users find podcasts of interest, and the recommendations feature makes it more likely for users to remain engaged. Further, Spotify offers a wide selection of podcasts and offers a convenient way for users to access them. By introducing new shows and subscriptions, the streaming service has managed to attract new listeners and turn existing listeners into devoted podcast followers.

New Subscribers and Increased Engagement

The rise in podcast streaming on Spotify can also be attributed to the new subscribers that are being added to the platform. These users are already comfortable with the platform and it is thought that the increased engagement with podcasts is driven by current users making their podcast listening preferences clearer. According to eMarketer’s report, the millennial demographic accounts for 57% of the platform’s total podcast listeners and has seen a rise in engagement of 44%.

Spotify’s Market Leadership

With more and more people using Spotify as their primary source for podcast consumption, the streaming platform is quickly becoming the market leader in this field. Already the largest audio streaming service in the US, it has managed to capture an impressive share of the podcast consumption market. Furthermore, its comprehensive podcasting platform and intuitive recommendation system has enabled Spotify to unlock a wide array of podcast genre discovery and made the platform more accessible and enjoyable to listeners.


Spotify’s foray into the podcast streaming market has been a resounding success, with 28.2 million US adults now using the platform to consume podcasts each month. With millennials accounting for the majority of its listeners and seeing a rise in engagement of 44%, this trend looks set to continue. As Spotify continues to make strides in the podcast streaming space, it is transforming itself into the one-stop-shop for all audio content consumption needs.

Related FAQs

Q1. What is the number of US adults that are now listening to podcasts via Spotify?

A1. 28.2 million US adults are now listening to podcasts each month through Spotify.

Q2. What percentage of Spotify’s podcast listeners are millennials?

A2. 57% of Spotify’s total podcast listeners are millennials.

Q3. How much has the engagement of millennials increased on the platform?

A3. The engagement of millennials on Spotify has increased by 44%.

Q4. What is spotify us 28.2m podcastspereztechcrunch?

A4. Spotify 28.2m Podcastsperztechcrunch is the name of a recent eMarketer report that found that 28.2 million US adults are now listening to podcasts each month through Spotify.

Q5. What is emarketer spotify us 28.2m apple podcastspereztechcrunch?

A5. eMarketer Spotify US 28.2m PhotosperzTechcrunch is the name of an eMarketer report which found that Spotify had attracted a larger millennial audience and increased their overall engagement levels through podcast streaming.

Q6. About spotify work anywherebursztynskycnbc.

A6. Spotify Work Anywherebursztynskycnbc is a program that enables Spotify users to access their content anywhere they go, including other services and devices.


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