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Eminem Net Worth As Of 2022 – Marshall Bruce Mathers III

Eminem Net Worth

Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, is one of the richest celebrities to ever step foot on this planet and right now, Eminem net worth as of 2022 is believed to by anywhere around $200 to $230 million USD, and for a rapper on his caliber, we still believe he needs to have a bigger net worth.

Putting other things aside, a lot of people, particularly who are just getting to know him, are wondering how he managed to get that much money on his name and the good thing is that we are here to explain everything.

But before we start, let’s know who Eminem really is. 

Who Is Marshall Bruce Mathers?

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, who was born on October 17, 1972, is an American rapper, record producer, businessman, and songwriter. He is mostly known for popularizing hip hop amongst white people in the United States of America and is currently considered as the best MC and rapper of all time. 

Here is a list of albums that Eminem has released throughout the years along with the release date that he has which has contributed a lot to Eminem Net Worth:

Infinite Released: November 12, 1996
The Slim Shady LP Released: February 23, 1999
The Marshall Mathers LP Released: May 23, 2000
The Eminem Show Released: May 26, 2002
Encore Released: November 12, 2004
Relapse Released: May 15, 2009
Recovery Released: June 18, 2010
The Marshall Mathers LP 2 Released: November 5, 2013
Revival Released: December 15, 2017
Kamikaze Released: August 31, 2018
Music to Be Murdered By Released: January 17, 2020

After everything that he has done throughout his career, one of the most asked questions about eminem is how much is eminem net worth, and to answer that we have to dig in because Eminem has one of the best careers of all time considering that he has done acting, rapping, making songs, and opening businesses in Detroit.

While you are trying to answer how he managed to get that amount of money in his bank account, allow us to talk about numbers so you can calm down.

Eminem, throughout his career, has sold around $166 million worth of digital singles as of June of this year. And when it comes to his album sales, he has earned around $61.5 million.

Let us remind you one thing, most of the songs and albums that Eminem sold were before Apple Music, Spotify and other streaming platforms became big, which means if he did start making music today, he would have had a very massive net worth. 

Not only that, but Eminem also has a lot of business ventures, which includes StockX and the restaurants that he owns in Detroit. Those two businesses alone are generating him a lot of money, which is why he has one of the biggest net worths amongst rappers that are still in the game. 

Eminem Net Worth through music

  • Has sold around 170 million albums across the globe
  • Has sold singles worth around $166 million up till this date
  • Has earned more than $400 million USD throughout his career
  • Earns around $20 to $30 million USD per year without making tours
  • Earns around $50 to $70 million USD when making tears per year 

I mean, those numbers alone should tell you why Eminem Net Worth 2022 is so high right now.

Here are some of the best songs that M’ has released throughout the years which has contributed a lot to his Eminem Net Worth:

  • 3 a.m. (Eminem song)
  • 8 Mile (Eminem song)
  • 25 to Life (song)
  • ’97 Bonnie & Clyde
  • The Adventures of Moon Man & Slim Shady
  • Ain’t Nuttin’ But Music
  • Airplanes, Part II
  • Alfred’s Theme
  • Almost Famous (song)
  • Amityville (song)
  • Ass Like That
  • Berzerk (song)
  • Best Friend (Yelawolf song)
  • Big Weenie
  • Bitch Please II
  • Black Magic (Eminem song)
  • Book of Rhymes (Eminem song)
  • Brain Damage (Eminem song)
  • Buffalo Bill (Eminem song)
  • Business (song)
  • C’mon Let Me Ride
  • Calm Down (Busta Rhymes song)
  • Campaign Speech
  • Careful What You Wish For (Eminem song)
  • Castle (Eminem song)
  • Déjà Vu (Eminem song)
  • Despicable (song)
  • Detroit vs. Everybody
  • Die Hard (Dr. Dre song)
  • Dr. West (skit)
  • Drop the Bomb on ‘Em
  • Drop the World
  • Elevator (Eminem song)
  • Em Calls Paul
  • Encore (Eminem song)
  • Evil Deeds
  • Evil Twin (Eminem song)
  • Fack
  • Fall (Eminem song)
  • Forever (Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Eminem song)
  • Forgot About Dre
  • Homicide (song)
  • I Need a Doctor
  • I’ll Hurt You
  • If I Had
  • In Your Head (Eminem song)
  • Infinite (Eminem song)
  • Insane (Eminem song)

Eminem Earnings By Year Until 2022

Here is how much Eminem has earned from 2004 to 20220: 

Year Earnings
2004 $10,000,000
2005 $14,000,000
2006 $16,000,000
2007 $18,000,000
2008 $12,000,000
2009 $14,000,000
2010 $8,000,000
2011 $14,000,000
2012 $15,000,000
2013 $10,000,000
2014 $18,000,000
2015                 $31,000,000
2016 $11,000,000
2017 $16,000,000
2018 $23,000,000
2019 $50,000,000
2020 No Information Available
2021 No Information Available
Total Earnings                     $280,000,000

Eminem has a very huge net worth as of 2022, right? Do you think he is one of the richest rappers of all time? Let us know what your thoughts are about Eminem’s net worth by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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