How to Entertain Yourself During Lockdown?



Reconsideration of the lockdown is a needed thing, we guess. It will help us to feel better and to use our time wisely. And even enjoy it. Indeed, all of us are waiting for the possibility to live freely without any borders and rules. But what if we can use the lockdown period with maximum benefits? 

We viewed several things to do during the lockdown and put them into this article. Let’s start and overview the most popular beneficial pastimes to choose the idea of entertainment that suits you best. 

Explore the World of Online Games

During a lockdown, online games have reached their highest popularity than ever. And we know why:

  • it’s fun;
  • you can win money;
  • it helps to pump up the brain;
  • you can play with your friends;
  • it’s a whole world of entertainment! 

The good thing is that online games have demo versions, so you can learn how to play first. Also, lots of them have low deposits, so you don’t need significant sums to play, but there is always a chance to win a jackpot! You can learn how to play cards or other online games and even become a professional gambler. We recommend starting with simple card games. For example, you can learn how to play Andar Bahar in 10 minutes and start winning right away! 

Decide if you want to play crash games, table games, card games, slot games, racings, football, tennis, etc. There are many different types of games for everyone, so just choose the game you like the most or try different enjoyable games. Here are some ideas:

  • Royal Match
  • 15 Dragon Pearls
  • Valley of the Gods
  • Andar Bahar
  • Sweet Bonanza
  • 5 Super Sevens and Fruits
  • and many others!

Do Sports

We can’t visit many places during the lockdown, but we can still go to the nearest park or do exercises at home. It may be fun to join different online clubs and do online sports with other members. You can choose your type of sport. Is it dancing, yoga, pilates? Anyway, it will help you to stay healthy during a pandemic. Sport helps our blood to circulate, makes us stronger and happier. Maybe we should spend this time building the “best version of ourselves”? Who knows. 

Also, you can start running. Running is one of the cheapest and still effective ways to lose weight or stay healthy and strong. The good thing about running is that you can go to the park or even run down the streets. And what is essential – you can do it without a mask. All we know is that masks limit us, and it is not comfortable to wear them for a long time, but if you run down the streets, it’s okay to do it without any mask on.

So, let’s check what sports activities we can do during a lockdown:

  • Run outside;
  • Take short active breaks;
  • Do yoga;
  • Do pilates;
  • Stretch;
  • Follow online sports classes;
  • Go for a walk;
  • Do simple exercises at home.

Learn New Skills And Languages

Online education is growing during the pandemic. We have free time, and it’s logical to use it to learn some new skills. In previous years, maybe, we didn’t have enough time for it. But now is a great time to choose cooking classes, study math or other science, start marketing courses or learn Python. We can even join acting classes or develop oratorical skills right from home. The online era allows learning and pumping up our skills.

Organize your time in a way that fits you the best and add online classes into your everyday routine. It will allow you not just to learn but also to communicate with people, be active, and discipline yourself. But if you don’t want to participate in any courses, regular TV shows or movies in their original language will become an outstanding possibility to learn the language! 


Now you know about the variety of activities you can choose during quarantine – play online games, do sports, learn new things. If you didn’t have enough time for it previously, lockdown – is the right time to do so! So, check our ideas for entertaining yourself during the lockdown, share the list with your friends, and stay active even while spending days at home!

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