Errors to Prevent making to your Website Design

Errors to Prevent making to your Website Design


As an ecommerce site owner, the last thing you want is the guilt of releasing your digital space with web design mistakes. In the old time, making a mistake on your website was a sign that you are learning how to design your website properly and optimize it. Today, a mistake done by professional web designers may cost you a lot of potential customers.

It is true people care a lot about good web design and they surely notice mistakes. Be it a keyword stuffed SEO optimization or the snail-like loading speed of the website, or poor mobile responsiveness which distorts your site, you cannot afford to make any of the mistakes. Here are some errors which you should avoid making to your website design: 

  • Content prepared for search engines

Surely you want to increase your search engine ranking, but you cannot make your customers suffer because of it. There are a lot of brands who present content for search engines rather than their customers. While mixing in a few keywords may seem a good option, but you should think of your potential customers and their requirements first.

Businesses worry a lot of about content length, density of the keyword and using the apt ones to impress search engines. It could be troublesome as Google along with the other search engine don’t want you to write for them.

They want you to present a topic which is sufficient to offer simple answers for its audience. It will then be simpler to get found on the internet.

  • Poor clarity

A common error which web designers make is not presenting the users a clear understanding of what the business site is all about. Some of the mistakes which lead to poor clarity are:

  • Misplaced content
  • Competing categories and links
  • Concealed prices

Study suggests that a lot of designers add content in places which users aren’t familiar with while browsing. Menu and category may sound similar to users and confuse them to find what they are searching for. Under such a situation, your customers will leave your site and go elsewhere. 

Concealed prices are also a reason why your customers may leave your site.

  • User experience (UX) errors

What is an UX error? Well, it is an error which is linked to the user experience. It demonstrates how users feel while browsing through a particular site. It can be a faulty filter, a tab which doesn’t work or a repetitive link. Under such a situation, it is important to act quick and get your designers and developers to fix it. These types of errors speak about the quality of the web designers hired by you.

Other than this, you should also avoid errors like low resolution image quality and slow website loading time. Who on earth would want to access a site which has a low and blurry image quality and slow server response time. In order to avoid these errors, it is important to hire a good web professional who ensures that your UI is designed for the human eye and leaves a good impression on search engines too. You can hire the best web designers Australia from Cheap Website Designs to ensure your website generates leads for your business and your customers have a good user experience.

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