How to Establish Your Store on Amazon

How to Establish Your Store on Amazon


Amazon is a brilliant place for business to base their online stores. While you will have to pay a commission to the e-commerce giant for the privilege of selling there, that’s more than worth it if your sales figures remain high. As such, if you’re not already on Amazon, it’s certainly something you should consider joining. Meanwhile, if you’re on Amazon but your sales figures are low, it’s worth finding tips to help you better establish yourself in this space. This article is about getting onto Amazon and making this powerful online shopping center work for you. 


Amazon has made it incredibly simple to set up a store on its platform. All you’ll need to do is head over to its dedicated seller’s page to get started. There are some administrative jobs to do, setting up your store and giving it a name before you’ll have the opportunity to upload photographs and descriptions of your products. 

If you’d like some extra advice on how to make your Amazon store stand out from the crowd, do search for trusted e-commerce websites and advice blogs for inspiration. In general, you’ll be advised to upload several high-quality products and to ensure that you’re spending a little cash on marketing in your first few months on Amazon. 


Amazon shoppers tend to like reading reviews of the products they’re buying. When your store is new, you’ll naturally have no reviews for people to read through to know whether they can trust your products or your store. To get these first reviews, you’ll need to get seen by many online shoppers, hoping that a proportion of them will shop with you. 

There are some simple ways to market your products on Amazon in your first months. You can pay to have certain key product lines promoted so that they’re some of the first that shoppers will see when they search for certain items. You can make your price point highly competitive so that when shoppers search by price, you’ll get seen more often. These strategies will help you establish yourself on the platform. 


Now that you’ve got the key reviews in place to be seen as a retailer that people can trust, it’ll be time for you to work hard to establish dominance in your given niche. Now, Amazon is a highly competitive landscape with hundreds of thousands of stores. Establishing dominance on the platform takes time, investment, and canny operating. But it can be done – even if you’re occupying a particularly competitive niche. 

You’ll do well, if dominance is your objective, to partner with an e-commerce marketing team from They know how to get brands and retailers to the next level on Amazon, using well-known and lesser-known tricks to find ways to get your product listings seen by more people and to convert more viewers to customers. 

There you have it: the three stages to establishing your store on Amazon, where you can generate hundreds or thousands of sales a month. 

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