Evolution of iGaming: How technology has changed the industry


A century ago, games were played using television consoles, the most sophisticated innovation, but today Gta5 is one of the most popular games with a more sophisticated make-up.

One had to be physically present in a casino to bet using his chips, but now you can do so virtually without the need to visit a casino and still win big from anywhere in the world.

There has been a shift in trends in the gaming industry; In just 70 years, iGaming has evolved from monochrome shapes and lines to 3D technicolor. However, this explosive growth hasn’t been an easy one. iGaming has undergone more changes due to increased competition amongst manufacturers. These new trends have also affected how we look at and play these gamble online casino games

The iGaming industry is very competitive, hence the stiff competition amongst companies. Being conscious of new technologies is very important in the present age, and that’s how new casinos should be chosen first by players. Indeed, amongst the innovations was the development of casinos into live games available on mobile, which evolved the casinos. There is a constant need to keep up with the trends, and iGaming is no exception.

Live games are an exciting development for casinos since it’s realistic to play at home and have a feel of physical casinos. This makes all the difference for those who want a variant experience.

Nowadays, the topic of discussion is augmented reality, which gives online casinos an authentic way to extend their offers to members. It’s a very different type of game and adds new value to the casinos.

Augmented Reality Casinos

You may have heard of augmented reality before or may even have experienced it with other games. It is simply reality, plus new and virtual elements added to it. For online casinos, this technology could mean a whole range of new features and combine the elements of live gaming. This is because what would result from this would be an incredible experience for the players.

With each step forward in the iGaming revolution, games are becoming more like reality, which means that everyone can use augmented reality nowadays, and online casinos are not an exception. So, very soon, you’ll be able to join other people to play a realistic virtual game. Heck! It’s happening already.

Interestingly, with augmented reality, players can have a 360-degree experience of turning their heads around to reveal details about their surroundings, casino staff, other tables, and other games.

When it comes to this becoming a reality, there are some things to overcome for online casinos to have augmented reality games, but this is very close to becoming complete. So there’s a need to tackle these obstacles to make this technology successful and an excellent experience at any online casino.

Technology made iGaming possible.

iGaming has revolutionized the gaming and casino industries, made gambling online a possibility, broken location barriers, and increased the safety of gamers who need no longer worry about carrying bags of money.

Everything is virtual. 

Technology has made iGaming safer with encryption security, a form of secure technology that protects players’ data and financial transactions, making the security issue easy to solve.

iGaming can also be fun and addictive. One should play with moderation to avoid getting addicted to it. Playing it excessively can lead to an obsession with playing the game, snowballing into an addiction. 

It is good to be aware of the risks to prevent them from happening. There are free resources and professional help if you or anyone you know is experiencing an addiction. 

Significant Technological developments in iGaming:

A life-changing development in iGaming is the use of live dealers. This feature allows players to deal directly with real dealers as they would have in a natural setting. In addition, players get to have realistic contact with the dealers using a webcam, experiencing the feel of an actual casino.

Another exciting advancement is in mobile gaming. With more and more players using their mobile devices to play these games, developers have begun to optimize their apps and sites to accommodate those who use their mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets.

Technology has made iGaming easier.

Technology has made iGaming easier as anyone with internet connectivity can play. Furthermore, it has made iGaming easily convenient and accessible as one can participate any time of the day without any restrictions or thoughts of going home late.

Players can gamble anywhere in the world without traveling far, just in the comfort of their homes.

A player can easily play at any time of the day without opening or closing hours restrictions.

Progress can easily be saved, and a player can return to his exact location and money intact.

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