A Few Ways Earning Money as a Photographers

A Few Ways Earning Money as a Photographers


A Few Ways Earning Money as a Photographers

Your little hobby of taking pictures has grown over time and turned into a passion. You have come to enjoy the creative process and the thrill that comes with finding new angles to showcase an object. Photography is what you want to do, and at the same time parent.

Earning money as a photographer is not an extreme sport. You can pursue your passion for photography and earn good money while at it. 

Let’s look at some of the best ways to earn money photographer:

Selling Prints

While digital photography has become popular, there are still incredible opportunities with print photography. Canvas wall arts are in high demand and the default medium is print photography. Many people are looking to purchase stunning landscape pictures or even abstract art to beautify their homes. 

Sell your work in places like ElephantStock to make money. You can choose to sell your print as an open or limited edition. There is also the chance of patterning will galleries to showcase your work

Needlessly to say, you are not doing yourself any favors by not exploring print photography.

Selling Stock Photos

Selling stock photos is one of the best ways to make money as a photographer. It allows you to make money every time you use or download your picture. There are many stock photography websites like AdobeStock or Shutterstock.

Once you have a good collection of photography, you can upload it on a stock photography website, and you start earning money once people start making use of your picture. One of its appeals is that you really do not have to do anything more.

Photo journaling.

Photo journaling is recording and telling stories through a collection of pictures. Photos are very powerful. As the saying goes a picture says more than a thousand words, people find pictures evocative and easily relatable.

By using pictures to tell stories people are interested in, you will find a lot of people interested in your works. Many news and lifestyle magazines will be interested in working with you. 

You can also publish a photobook yourself or by patterning with an established writer to tell stories of a particular place or event.

Event Photography

Event photography is one the oldest ways for photographers to make money and it is still one of the common ways to make money. It is especially a good fit for someone who is outgoing and sociable. 

There will always be people looking for professional photographers to capture their special moments and events. It often comes with a lot of work but it can be very fulfilling and rewarding.


These are by no means the exhaustive list of how to make money from photography, but they get you started on where to start and how to start approaching making money from your art. The opportunities photography offers are boundless, and you can make the art you love and pay rent at the same time. 

Do your best work and earn your best rate while at it.

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