Five beautiful gifts for anyone organizing a new-house party in Chennai

house party in Chennai

Buying a new house is both a happy and stressful event. On one hand, it gives immense pleasure and joy to purchasing and moving in a new home. And, on the other hand, it proves to be a nerve-wrenching task to be done with the decoration and furniture settings. Transitioning to a new space takes time to re-style and settle in before it feels like a true home.

Well, if someone you know in Chennai has recently bought a home and is throwing a party to celebrate the same, then you should furnish their exciting transition with a thoughtful and housewarming gift. When it comes to the perfect housewarming gifts, it really is the thought that counts and takes time. There’s no need to spend loads of bucks, focus on items that help welcome your friends or loved ones to their new space and their new life there. Even if you are out of Chennai on the day of the party, you should use online services to send gifts to Chennai for the new home and the homeowners.

Here are five beautiful gifts to celebrate New house and the house party: –

  1. Flowers & Plant Combo

This world will be dull & colourless without flowers, and there will be no world without plants. Hence, you can give a combo of flowers and small house plants to fill their new home with vibrant bright colours, deep aroma, and purified air. This combo will be a low-maintenance house-warming gift stuffed with the number of benefits. Gifting flowers and plants can never go wrong on any occasion. This gift will occupy a very little precious space of the house and will look good for sure.

  1. Personalized Wooden Plaque

Personalized gifts such as wooden plaque make a perfect gift for those moving into a new house. You can get anything embedded on a wooden plaque like a message, an inspirational quote, a picture, a combination of images or messages and turn it into a gift of personalized love as well as a decorative item. It can easily be hung on walls, doors, and can be placed on side tables and showcases. The recipient will love and cherish such a lovely personalized gift for many years to come.

  1. Rotating Table Lamp

A home, whether new or old, deserves to stay bright every time. Consider gifting a rotating night lamp to your loved ones to keep their home bright at night. A rotating night lamp can also be customized with the pictures of homeowners. This lamp will surely prove as a house-warming gift. It will be a decorative item in the day time and a useful one at night. With its rotating feature, the lamp will keep rotating the moment you gift that item in homeowners memories.

  1. Divine Idols

There is nothing better than gifting idol of Gods and Goddesses if the one throwing a party for the new house is a believer of God. The most gifted idols are Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi. But idols of Buddha, Sai Baba, and Krishna are also famous for being presented as a gift. You can choose from different shapes, size, colour, and style of the idols. Idols of Gods are known for bringing positivity and prosperity in the house. You can easily find various gifting idols online if you want to send gifts to Chennai for new homeowners.

  1. Decorative Scented Candles

Decorative scented candles are the best decorative item to be presented as a gift. The cute and beautiful candles can make any showcase look charismatic and delightful. Choose a colour, choose a scent, and give a gift that will add comfort and a soothing atmosphere in the house. These scented candles will let the homeowners smell your love whenever they light the candles up. There’s nothing like dimming the lights, lighting candles, and enjoying the aroma of scented candles.

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