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Five Famous Instagram Dogs And How You Can Make Your Dog Famous



We all must have encountered cute Animal videos on Instagram while surfing, especially when these cute videos are of Dogs. It makes us smile like an idiot. We understand not everyone might be a big Dog fan, but we must recognize the massive number of Instagram followers the Dog accounts have.

There is a reason why these Dog Accounts have huge Instagram followers and the content uploaded with Dogs has Millions of Instagram likes; dogs help relieve stress as they neurologically make you feel good and release the hormone Endorphins, and Pet Influencer is quite a thing in the Marketing industry now. 

And with the ability to send Instagram voice messages, dog owners are able to give their followers an even more personal and intimate experience.

Dog owners really can use such a big audience to their advantage. Whether you are a Dog Parent or thinking of starting an Instagram account for your Dog, we shall share a secret on how you can get started. 

Here we have mentioned some of the most popular Instagram Dog Accounts, which have substantial Instagram Followers. 

  • JiffPom: JiffPom is one famous Pomeranian Dog on Instagram. He has more than 10.2 Million Instagram followers, and not only this, and he has received recognition from Guinness World Records and many more. The pictures uploaded by the owners or Parents of Jiffpom have over 100000 likes.
  • Doug the pug: How cool his name sounds. Doug the pug, Doug is way too cute in reality. Not only does he have 3.2 Million Instagram followers, but his owners also have used this platform to raise funds for Cancer Patients under Doug the Pug Foundation. 
  • Tuna {breed:chiweenie}: Tuna is an Instagram star. He is famous worldwide, and many teenagers probably use his Internet meme in some conversations. He is an adorable little Chiweenie who dresses up, gaining him more than Two Million Instagram followers. .
  • Loki the Wolfdog: 4. with Two Million Instagram followers, Loki the Wolfdog is one such Instagram you should be aware of. Loki has won hearts on the internet with his majestic posture and High-quality content uploaded by the creator. Loki the Wolfdog has thousands of Instagram likes for his pictures. Pretty impressive, right? 
  • Maya The Samoyed: Maya could be misunderstood as a Polar bear, and she is a rescue puppy. Going through her Account, she makes your heart melt and is a fluff ball.  

How you can make your Dog Famous:

You are thinking about how you can make your Instagram Dog Account grow Viral. Below, we have mentioned a few tips for you. 

Highlight your Dog’s superpower (focus on what makes it unique): 

Every Dog is amazing and trained differently by its owners. Some dogs are athletic, while some are total goofballs. Knowing what your Dog’s superpower is and using that to build content makes your profile more natural and puts less stress on the Dog. 

Take high-quality photos: 

Having a Photoshoot for your Dog Professionally will help you a lot to keep up with content. A single photoshoot helps build engagement and brings in a massive amount of Instagram Likes and Followers. 

Network with other Instagram dogs: 

Connecting with Content creators who have dogs is another way to make your Dog Account famous. This Networking helps your Account to be more visible, and also, if people like what they see, they won’t hesitate to follow you. This Networking can be done in various ways, where you and other creators in a community come together and host a contest or even create content with each other. 

Post regularly: 

Consistency is the Key. Posting regularly helps in maintaining Instagram followers and also helps in getting a consistent amount of likes. As a content creator, you must prepare a schedule for your uploads. In a week, at least twice, you should upload content. You can always choose to add stories on your Instagram account. 

Use the right hashtags: 

Wondering how your content will reach the right people or people who like dogs, Instagram Algorithm has got you, but you need to do a little work using the right hashtags. Knowing the right and relevant hashtags will help in targeting the right people, and this also helps build your profile’s engagement. 

Videos are even better than photos: Instagram Reels have seen much faster reach than Photos you have uploaded. They earn more people in a shorter period. When it comes to uploading the video, you can use the trending songs on Instagram, which helps build Instagram followers. 

Analyze what works (and what doesn’t): 

Knowing what type of content performs best helps relieve the stress of figuring out your following content. Keeping up with trends can be difficult, and in case you need opinions, you can always turn to your Instagram Followers and ask them questions. You can also use Instagram Insights and know how much progress you have made. 


One important thing you always have to remember is that having fun is very important. People resonate with content that shows genuineness, and also, this does not create a lot of stress on your Dog. Make schedules and plans in such a way that you can upload content regularly and also have fun with your Dog. 

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