Five points to consider in order to treat ED

Erectile Dysfunction is one of the few ailments that affect its victims uniformly across the globe. Men have a history of being diagnosed with ED, although subtle differences have developed through time.

Historically, Erectile Dysfunction, or ED, was more prevalent in the elderly, particularly senior citizens and those over the age of 40. However, as we see now, the majority of instances have transferred to the younger generation.

College-aged lads and newlywed men are becoming ED patients. The age category has been whittled down to those under the age of 30. This is a potentially dangerous condition for the entire society. It is past time for society, not just males, but all genders and nations, to band together to improve men’s terrible situation.

Knowing Erectile Dysfunction

Before we can find a solution to an issue, we must first grasp the underlying source of the problem.

Similarly, in order to heal ED, we must understand the factors that contributed to the cause. Erectile Dysfunction is an issue that stems from our body’s poor blood circulation.

In ED, the male reproductive organ, the penis, loses its ability to get erect. The penis serves two primary tasks in the body: urinating and sexual intercourse.

The latter function is impaired by Erectile Dysfunction, as sexual intercourse is impossible without an erection. When we witness something sexual or are enticed, our brain initiates a massive blood flow into the penis. This blood flow is what gives the penis its shape.

While the blood remains in the penis, the erection is maintained, but as soon as the blood leaves the penis, the erection is lost. This typically occurs following the conclusion of the sexual intercourse, i.e. after ejaculation. This decrease in erection occurs as a result of PDE5 activity (phosphodiesterase type 5).

PDE5 constricts the erectile tissues and constricts the penile blood vessels. As a result, the process of reducing the erection is facilitated. This is the usual process, however in the case of Erectile Dysfunction, the blood supply is compromised.

As a result, the penis does not receive the blood supply necessary for a satisfactory erection. Thus, a condition is produced in which the individual receives sexual stimulation but the penis remains in the non-erect posture.

Solutions that are possible

Quit smoking

Regular smoking is one of the primary causes of ED diagnosis. Carbon monoxide (C0) enters the bloodstream as a result of chronic smoking. CO is now recognised to induce suffocation problems in humans due to its ability to decrease the blood’s oxygen-carrying capacity.

In other words, the blood that previously met the organs’ oxygen requirements is unable to do so. Inadequate blood supply to the organs, especially the penis, results in a negligible erection.

Another perilous component of smoking is that it affects not just the smoker but also those around him.

Thus, one method of preventing or curing ED would be to quit smoking. While it is true that this form of addiction will take time to overcome, it will eventually do so.

Reducing alcohol consumption

Alcohol is a little different from smoking. Smoking is an addiction that is detrimental in every way. However, if alcohol is consumed in moderation, it may not be harmful and may even help prevent ED.

When alcohol is consumed in moderation, it aids in the maintenance of mental health, which is necessary for a pleasant sexual life. Alcohol reduces stress levels in the body through decreasing nervous system activity. This indicates that the brain no longer transmits or receives sleep-inducing signals.

As a result, it also serves as a tranquiliser, however the issue arises when excessive amounts of alcohol are used. This time, the nervous system is harmed, and the organs become uncontrollable due to a lack of message transmission.

Individuals seeking recovery from ED should significantly restrict their alcohol consumption and, if possible, entirely abstain from it.

Yoga and meditation are beneficial

The entire mental health of the body also has an effect on a man’s sexual performance. If you are depressed or have a high amount of stress, you will not be stimulated. This is not a disease, but a perfectly normal bodily function.

Sexual drive requires an individual to be free of tensions and concerns. Even a 10-year-old youngster in the twenty-first century is not tension-free due to an abundance of homework and responsibilities.

Make time for yoga and meditation at least 30 minutes per day. Regularly performing this exercise can dramatically improve blood circulation. The blood pressure will be stabilised, the breathing process will improve, and the person’s overall mood will improve.

Anti-ED Medications

All of the other remedies discussed were the procedures that must be followed in conjunction with the use of anti-ED medications.

ED tablets are a multibillion-dollar global market that continues to grow year after year. Sildenafil Cenforce 100 or Tadalafil Vidalista 20 increase blood flow to the penis, resulting in an adequate erection.

Avoid fast food 

This would be the most difficult habit to break for ED patients. Fast food has been a mainstay of many people’s diets in the modern day.

These foods are high in calories and sugar, which puts a person at risk of having a stroke. Increased levels of bad cholesterol obstruct blood flow by layering fat in the arteries’ mouths.

This results in elevated blood pressure, shortness of breath, and, in some cases, erectile dysfunction.


Some individuals rely entirely on medications such as Kamagra Oral Jelly or Fildena 100 to treat Erectile Dysfunction. However, if you continue to eat fast food, drink alcohol, and smoke, your ED relief will be temporary. A permanent solution requires compliance with all five of the above options.

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