Five Reasons To Learn Italian This Year

Five Reasons To Learn Italian This Year


Five Reasons To Learn Italian This Year

So you’ve decided to head to Europe this year for your family vacation. You explored Paris last year and hopped across to see the sights in London. This time, you want something a bit different. By heading south and exploring the Southern European coast, you can immerse yourself in a completely different culture and try to pick up a few native language sentences in the process. 

Why should I learn a new language?

If you are heading to Italy to soak in the sun and explore the coastline, you may want to learn how to speak Italian – but what are the benefits of learning a new language?

  • Improves your memory – learning a new language trains your brain to learn new skills, pushing your brain to get familiar with new vocabulary.
  • Enhances multitasking abilities – time management and multitasking are two skills that will come in handy in every aspect of life.
  • Improves your academic performance – when looking for online Italian tutors, learning a new language through privatized lessons can help you learn how to better communicate.

List of online italian tutors


Use Preply to help find an Italian tutor to begin learning this love language as soon as possible. Users can sign up and choose from nearly 2,930 teachers and find one that best suits your learning style. You can use filters, such as price per hour, native Italian speakers only, weekly availability, specialties, and popularity relevance. See more here the list of online Italian tutors on Preply.

Rocket Italian

Rocket Italian starts from $99.95 and has been a highly-popular online Italian tutor for over a decade. Rocket Italian is one of the most structured learning options, following a linear progression to help you quickly improve your speaking skills. The best parts of this online tutor is the comprehensive Italian language, structured course learning style, and motivated inbuilt leaderboard. 


ItalianPod101 uses teachers to provide lessons to students by providing easy to follow instructions and a simplified program. The best part of this tutor is you can create your own intuitive path by using the materials provided online. The negative of using ItalianPod is the choose-your-own method might not be the best choice for students trying to learn a new method and without knowing where to start. 

Glossika Italian

Glossika is a $30/month option that uses the best parts of multiple programs and combines them into one, using syntax and reception from online Italian tutors. The best part of this program is the well-structured and comprehensive lessons from Italian speakers, while the only negative is understanding the Italian dialects.

Pimsleur Italian

Pimsleur Italian is one of the best online Italian tutors that costs $14.95 for a month subscription, separating itself from other tutors by the method used. The lesson uses repetition to ensure the learner retains the Italian language by repeatedly listening to an audio-based program. The only negative of this tutor is the lack of a visual component. 


Learning a new language is an educational experience that can help with connecting to other cultures while traveling. Finding online Italian tutors who can adapt to your specific learning style is a great way to improve your speaking abilities before visiting Italy in the future.

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