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Flying Guide to Becoming a Better RC Pilot


There are many ways to become a more proficient radio control pilot. If you enjoy flying RC planes on your downtime, you can satisfy yourself and wow your friends with your awesome flying skills. Both newbies, intermediate, and pro RC pilots will benefit from providing themselves with the best environment for picking up new tricks and honing existing ones. Here are top flying tips for newbies to ace:

Get a Play Around Plane

The above heading is pretty self-explanatory. Get yourself another plane for playing around. This backup plane shouldn’t be so expensive because it’s the plane that won’t hurt your heart if it does a crash landing. Buy a plane that you don’t have any vested interest in. When you fly without any fear of crashing, you learn to maneuver and fly better. Get a low mass plane with a high survival rate and with sufficient agility to learn and test new skills. You’ll have loads of fun with this plane that you don’t have to fix after every flight. 

Perform Low Flying and Awesome Crashes

If you have a lot of older RC planes, dust them off and prepare a few as your sacrificial aircraft. As an avid collector, you might have accumulated a lot of models that are just gathering dust on your shelf. Instead of giving or throwing them away, set a few up for their last flight.

This suggestion may seem slightly extreme, but it does have its benefits. You can only be an outstanding RC pilot if you know how to navigate low flying and crashing. Try death-defying inverted flying while you are at it, and if you do crash, no sweat. You will learn a few lessons along your way down to the ground. 

Keep a Stash of Air Frame Spares

If you have a favourite RC aeroplane model, it is imperative to invest in spare parts like wings, propellers, fuselages, and the like so you will always have a backup in case your favourite baby takes a nosedive. You must get up close and personal with your preferred unit. Learn how to dismantle, clean, maintain, and put it back together. When you can do all these tricks, that’s when you can declare your RC plane is well-loved. 

Practice Landing

One of the trickiest parts of flying a remote-control plane model is learning how to land. It takes loads of practice to get it right. It’s not just a matter of setting it down to the ground. You have to be familiar with airspeed, the level of your wings, and you must execute the right landing flair at the perfect moment. If you are a beginner, pick a durable plane that can take on a few landing misses, so you won’t sweat when you mess up. 

Fly Many Different Kinds of Planes

If you can fly a wide variety of remote-control planes, you will become a more experienced and skilled RC pilot. You can try your buddies’ planes if they let you. Practicing on a simulator is another great option. As the old saying goes, practice does indeed make perfect. The more fling you do, the more skills you learn at a faster pace. 

Load up on batteries, so your remote-control planes will never run out of juice. You can also allot a regular schedule for your flying. Make this hobby a fun adventure with your family and friends by making a plane date picnic. With some food, coffee, a great company, and your favourite RC plane, you will have a fantastic time.    

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