Vitamin B12 or folate deficiency causes and treatment

Vitamin B12 or folate deficiency causes and treatment


What is Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the name given to the condition, where the penis does not remain steady, long enough for the conclusion of a satisfied physical intercourse. It is a global issue faced by men; the ratio of Australian men experiencing the problem is at a high rate of almost 1:5 above the age bracket of forty.

Available Treatments

Oral medication is treated as the foremost point of treatment for ED. The patient is prescribed these medicines depending on the particular problem they are facing. These pills help in attaining and sustaining the erection by supporting the natural course and increasing the production of nitric acid in the body.

Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Avanafil are the common PDE-5 available globally along with Australia. These medicines are available on prescription only, and should be taken after consulting a specialist.

Testosterone injections and patches to overcome the deficiency are also prescribed in the cases where the levels are far too low and are impacting the erection. Other solutions include physical vacuum device and surgical solutions to cure the issue. The former method increases the blood flow by creating a vacuum and pressure in the penis region. After the flow it clamps the veins to retain erection till required. 

The latter is considered to be the last resort! Surgeries are performed to rectify physical concerns while implants are placed in the body which aids in retaining firmness and performing the complete physical act. 

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What Is Folate Defeciency?

Folate deficiency is the name given to the condition when the human body lacks vitamin B-9 along with B-12. This basically focuses on the production, growth and development of new red blood cells. Red blood cells are the vital elements which carry the oxygen across the entire body. In Australia more than 14% population has symptoms leading towards folate deficiency.

Lack of folate results in:

  • The production of red blood cells which are relatively larger in size and shape.


  • The produced red blood cells are fewer in quantity than the required amount

In both the cases it results in issues and problems detrimentally impacting various vital organs and functions of the human body.


  • Improper diet lacking the intake of the vitamin
  • Intake of such medications which react and create folate deficiency in the body
  • Internal issues in the body which results in the lack of vitamin B-12 absorption


  • Regular fatigue and lethargy
  • Sight problems
  • Overall weakness in the joints and muscles
  • Soreness
  • Melancholy and other psychological and memory issues


  • Ensuring the intake of a balanced diet
  • Off the counter pills and medicines
  • Shots

Link Between Folate Defeciency And Ed

In extreme cases folate deficiency can lead to erectile dysfunction in men. This is because in order to achieve a healthy erection ample quantity of blood flow in the delicate vessels of the penis is required. This indicates that a healthy circulation system along with its elements is the key for erection.

While in folate deficiency, the elements of blood and its flow is disrupted thus this results in a lack of flow in the penis which may result in ED. Factors like lethargy, weakness and psychological disturbance may further aggravate the issue leading towards ED.

Thus at times B-12 deficiency can be root cause of ED. In such a case overcoming the root may help in curing erectile dysfunction.   


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