6 Foods and Beverages that are High in Sugar and Should Not be Consumed

6 Foods and Beverages that are High in Sugar and Should Not be Consumed

Foods and beverages both are important for good health. Solid food is also required as it is the richest source of nutrients. But some beverages such as bone broth made by bone broth powder are also rich in nutrients and good for health.

Nutrients rich beverages play an important role in health. They provide a good amount of nutrients and it also gives a good amount of fluids to the body.

But not all foods and beverages are good for health. Junk food and sugary drinks can do you serious harm. Therefore while eating or drinking, choose wisely.7

Eating too much sugar can disturb your heart health, harm your organs, and can cause deadly diseases such as heart attack.

In this article, we will discuss some foods that are high in sugar and not good for health.

Low Fat Yogurt:

Yogurt is a great food to eat. It is highly nutritious and good for health. But if yogurt is low fat its effects are just like many other low-fat products. 

Don’t consume low-fat yogurt as it contains a high amount of sugar to enhance the flavor of the yogurt. As you know high amounts of sugar content are not good for health and it can cause various diseases including deadly ones.

Low-fat yogurt is not the same as full-fat yogurt. As full-fat yogurt is beneficial for health but low-fat yogurt is not as beneficial as full fat.

If you love yogurt or want to consume it due to its health benefits. Greek yogurt, natural yogurt, or full-fat yogurt is a good choice.

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Ketchup is being used worldwide. It is one of the most used products. Ketchup is made up of tomatoes. But ketchup is a processed product and loaded with sugar. This makes it unhealthy.

The process of making ketchup is also unhealthy. Many compounds are used to keep it good fora long time.

Ketchup contains a huge amount of sugar, for instance, 1 spoon of ketchup contains at least one spoon of sugar.

Spaghetti Sauce:

Some foods contain added sugars even they are not sweet. Spaghetti is one of them.

The main ingredient of spaghetti sauces is natural sugar. But some contain added sugars as well.

Pasta sauce or spaghetti sauce is good. If you don’t want any added sugars in your spaghetti sauce, make your own.

Chocolate mIlk:

Milk is a great liquid to consume as it contains a good amount of calcium and some minerals. All these elements are important for health, especially for bones. Milk also contains a good amount of protein.

Chocolate milk is made by milk and cocoa is added in it to increase flavor. Sugar is also added to enhance the taste.

Chocolate milk contains added sugars that are not good for health. Although milk is beneficial for health added sugars make it unhealthy food.

Flavoured Coffee:

Coffee is a good beverage to boost your metabolism. It can give a good kickstart to your day. An adequate amount of caffeine in coffee can keep you boosted and awake.

People drink coffee at any time throughout the day but usually, it is consumed at breakfast or after a tough work routine.

Flavored coffee contains added sugar that makes it staggering. It contains a huge amount of sugar. For instance, a single flavored coffee contains almost all teaspoons of added sugar.

The best way to prevent this much amount of added sugar, make your own unflavoured coffee or stick to unflavoured coffee if buying.

Protein Bar:

Protein is one of the most important nutrients for overall health, especially for muscles. Protein can increase the feeling of fullness and result in weight loss. This is why high protein diets are recommended for weight loss.

But protein bars are different. Because of protein, people consider protein bars a healthy snack. But story is totally different.

Protein bars are not as beneficial as protein. Most of the protein bars contain a high amount of added sugars. Instead of them, consume real protein products such as Grass fed beef bone broth.


Some foods are good and healthy but added sugar content in them make them unhealthy. Don’t get deceived by catchy titles and attractive wrapping.

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