Fun and Flattering Female Mullet Styles to Rock

Fun and Flattering Female Mullet Styles to Rock

A female mullet is a mid-length haircut that is characterized by short alt hairstyles or medium tresses at the front and top and extended strands of hair styled and let to flow freely towards the back of the head. The front and the sides usually have shorter hair than the hair at the back of the head. This hairstyle is casually described as business at the front and party at the back! The mullets being rocked currently, are an improvement of traditional mullets which are made in such a way that they are easy to style and maintain.

Generally, mullets are usually short in general. This means that the hair at the back should be above the shoulders. Mullets can be done on any type of hair be it wavy, straight, or curly making it a hairstyle for everybody. The addition of a messy fringe to female mullet gives you a perfect look. 

  • Steps On How to Create Your Own Mullet Style


  1. Ensure that your hair is of shoulder length and that you have large volume bangs so that you can get an even cut.
  2. Choose a length for the hair at the back of the head that you are comfortable with and one that you can maintain.
  3. Add a fade color detail if you want to or a buzz cut if you are into looks that are boldly defined.
  4. Finish the look by applying gel or a hairspray of your choice.
  5. As part of maintenance, ensure that you cut your hair regularly so that you always have that neat look.

The following are some of the most common female mullet hairstyles you can wear;

  • Shaggy and Wavy Mullet

The hairstyle combines mid-sized tresses on the upper section with a lot of big hair lengths curled at the head’s middle combined with a shaggy tail at the back. If you love light hair color, you can rock a faded blonde and then pair it with a neat fringe.

  • Mullet With a Fade

If you prefer noticeable and outstanding cuts, then this is your type of hairstyle. This mullet is characterized by a blonde dye paired with rock fringe bangs that are left to hang on the sides of the head.

  • Voluminous Curly Mullet

If you have curly hair of large volume, then this is the female mullet to wear. It is not usually a neat hairstyle considering that the hair is a lot and is all curly. Keep the hair natural so that you can maintain the soft appearance of curly hair.

  • Retro Mullet

This mullet can be rocked with wavy or curly hair. Retro is usually a masculine style but with a few customizations done to it, it can be rocked by women. When styled properly, it can be worn for both formal and informal occasions.

  • Shaggy Mullet

This type of female mullet has medium shaved tresses on the top part on either side such that the long hair weights on the sides of the head. Once the hair has been cut to the desired length, it is then left to hang freely by applying gel and hairspray. This hairstyle displays the natural look and texture of your hair.

  • Straight Mullet

This type of female mullet is for women with naturally straight hair. You can dye your hair to get the look that you desire. Comb your hair towards the back of the head for best results.

  • Rockabilly Mullet

If you decide to rock this female mullet variation, let your stylist brush the tresses at the top to either side starting the top section to the back of the head.  You can opt to shave the hair on the sides completely or just trim it to the length you need.  Now, compress the hair on top neatly and oil it to give it a glossy finish.

  • Fierce Mullet

This is a short and easy-to-maintain female mullet worth giving a shot this year. This style can be confused with a shaggy mullet because of the wavy hair at the top. However, the edges in a fierce mullet are left spiky.


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