Get Summer-Ready With These 5 Tips

Get Summer-Ready With These 5 Tips

As the days start to grow longer and the temperature gradually increases, you have the excitement of knowing that summer is not long-off. However, after months spent cocooned indoors over the winter months, you might be concerned that you are not quite summer-ready. However, with a bit of preparation, you can fully enjoy your summer with confidence. Read on to discover how you can get summer-ready with these five tips. 

  • Foot care 

Summertime provides the opportunity to show off your feet in fun sandals and open-toed shoes; however, after months spent cooped up in socks and boots, your feet might require a bit of TLC. After showering, use a pumice stone to remove hard skin before applying a dry skin foot cream for dry and cracked heels. Then, give your toenails a lick of nail varnish in a bright, cheerful color, such as a classic red or a summery coral.  

  • Hair

From racked-up central heating to ice-cold rain and snow, your hair might have taken a battering over winter and, as such, now be dry and suffering from split ends. Work to reintroduce some nourishment and moisture into your locks before showing them off at summer festivals and on the beach. Nothing beats leave in hair conditioner for curly-haired girls. Simply apply to wet or dry hair to fight split ends and add moisturizer, even whilst you are rocking a new style. 

  • Hands

Thanks to the cold and damp winter weather – not to mention the frequent hand washing required in the covid era – your hands might be feeling dry and looking red and cracked. Use emollient-rich hand cream after washing to lock-in moisture. You could even massage nail oil into your nails to strengthen them and prevent them from breaking, helping you to grow long, natural nails for summer. Follow up by filing and polishing your nails, perhaps painting them in a color to match your toe nails or a bang-on-trend shade for summer 2021. 

  • Face

With braving the elements in harsh winter weather followed by sitting in central heating-filled rooms, your face might feel dry and tight due to the extremes in temperature experienced over winter. Get rid of dry, flaky patches by supplementing your skincare regime with regular hydrating face masks involving moisture-boosting ingredients like hyaluronic acid and shea butter. Furthermore, sun lotion is not just for summer – ensure that you are wearing some form of SPF even in duller weather conditions to ensure that your skin remains supple and protected. 

  • Skin 

You may have fallen behind on your regular skincare routine during winter – if most of your body is bundled up in sweaters and jogging bottoms, why bother? First, to get your skin summer-ready, use a buffing brush whilst showering to remove any dead skin cells. Then, lather your skin in a luxurious body lotion to lock in moisture and provide a dewy finish. Choose a scented lotion for a subtle perfume effect.

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