Considerations About Getting Medications Safely During COVID-19

Medications Safely During COVID-19

With COVID-19 ravaging societies across the world, out lifestyles have drastically changed. Social distancing is strongly recommended to curb the spread of this highly contagious virus. There is a need to access basic necessities including medication while avoiding contact with others. An effective way to get your required medication without exposing yourself to coronavirus is through the packapill app by just uploading the prescription on it and you will get the medicines delivered at your home.

Below are some considerations about getting your medication safely during the lockdown.

Dispenser touching the medication

Physical contact is one of the ways through which coronavirus spreads. So, getting worried about the pharmacy attendant touching your medication during dispensing is okay. However, there is no need to worry about “cleaning” your medication before taking it. Pharmacies ensure safe and clean dispensing practices.

Mechanical devices including robots and pill counters are used to dispense medication. Alternatively, the medication is counted using a pill spatula or after pouring it in a pill tray. This ensures that the pharmacist never touches your medication. So, there is no need for you to attempt cleaning your medication. There is no recommended safe way to clean medication and attempts at doing it might make it unsafe and unable to work appropriately.

Medication from an e-pharmacy

With all businesses relying on their websites to keep in touch with their customers, e-pharmacies are available to supply prescription medication. Getting online medications from Canada maintains social distancing. Your prescription medications are delivered without you going to the store physically. This minimizes chances of exposing yourself to people who might potentially have coronavirus.

Relying on a reputable e-pharmacy is the best way to lessen the chances of catching the virus. The process is fast and convenient with free delivery. Not having to make the trip to the local pharmacy saves time and fuel costs. Another good thing about getting prescription medication from an online drug store is the automatic refills. This eliminates the need to remember to schedule your next refill when your medications run low.

Getting medication when away from home

Amid the lockdown, some people are forced to live away from home in a bid to limit exposure to coronavirus. This doesn’t mean missing your prescription medication. Contact your regular pharmacy and explain your situation. This allows the pharmacy to transfer your prescription to the nearby pharmacy where you are currently located amid the lockdown.

Alternatively, you can tell a family member back home to email your prescription. However, for special medication that requires specialized handling including refrigeration or special handling, picking refills from a nearby pharmacy is a good idea. You just have to find means of having your prescription handy.

Switching medication manufacturer

The coronavirus pandemic has escalated people’s illnesses. This is putting pressure on the medical industry leading to a shortage of some medication. Additionally, some people are hoarding essential medications causing a shortage in the market. So, there is a chance of getting medication that looks different from the one you are used to.

However, you need assurance that it is the right medication. Look at the prescription label for a description of the medication. Check the color, shape, and pill imprint and compare it with your regular medication. The alternative medication should have packaging with its generic name and strength to ensure that it matches your regular medication. To be sure, you can compare the medication on an online pill identifier such as PillBox or ask your pharmacist.

Cover for your prescription refill

During emergencies, some health insurance plans allow early refills to allow people to access essential medications. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, there is a possibility of your insurance plan allowing pick up of prescriptions earlier. Ask your insurance provider to get you an override code for the pharmacist to make the appropriate changes in refill.

It is possible to get a 90-day refill of non-controlled medication, unlike controlled and specialty medication. You have to be mindful of stockpiling medication to avoid creating a shortage for people in this trying moment. The rule of thumb is to have access to essential medicines for chronic ailments including diabetes, blood pressure, and high cholesterol to last you about two to four weeks.

Failure to reach your doctor for refills or prescription change

To ensure that you have enough medication throughout the lockdown, a 90-day prescription is a good idea. A nearby pharmacist can adjust the refuels without contacting your doctor. If a current monthly refill requires 5 refills. The pharmacist can adjust it to a single refill for a 90-day supply. When lacking enough refills, clinical judgment prevails while following state laws.

This allows the pharmacist to dispense emergency refills to last you about 30 days apart from controlled medication. Kevin’s Law of emergency prescription allows the pharmacist to dispense an emergency refill of chronic medication. This is necessary during the inability to access your doctor for an authorized prescription.

Bottom line

Getting your prescription medication is very important regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic. Picking them from an online pharmacy is the best way to maintain social distancing while getting your essential medication. Ordering your medication online avoids long lines while lessening chances of exposure to people who might have coronavirus.

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