Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Started with MS in the United States


A Master in Science degree is a relevant course to pursue after graduation in the Science stream. If you dream of studying in the US and delving into in-depth knowledge of science, you must remember certain things before proceeding. 

Studying in the United States as an international student can be a new experience. Research is the foremost step to getting started. You must consider factors, including course, curriculum, course fee, placements, and location. This degree obligates practical lab work and analytical skills with classroom participation. There are numerous science disciplines to earn a degree in the study of MS, such as chemistry, biology, engineering, health sciences, statistics, and data sciences. You also have the option to pursue either a course-based program or a research-based or even a blend of both. Read this blog for more insights about getting started with masters in US.

Why is the US an Ideal Place to Study MS?

The United States of America is home to one of the best universities in the world. Thousands of students arrive here to pursue their education in Bachelor, Master, and certification-based domains. Flexible education is the primary reason that attracts students to pursue higher education. Students can choose the course structure, allowing them to concentrate on ideas they want to emphasize.

Ample alternative to specialization 

The United States universities provide master in science degrees with 781 specializations to opt from. Here is a list of a few top specializations that you can go with for the study of MS:

  • MS in finance
  • MS in data science
  • MS in computer science
  • MS in marketing
  • MS in business analytics

Industry experience 

Studying masters in US helps you to apply the subject knowledge In the factual world in terms of getting started with your work as an intern or a part-time job. This facilitates a better grasp of knowledge and in-depth cognizance of your course curriculum.

Eminent faculty

You can get the opportunity to study with renowned faculty professionals. This will not only ensure the successful dissemination of knowledge but also aid in building good corporate connections. This holds power to benefit your career in the best possible ways. 

Top Universities in the US Providing Masters in Science Courses

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  2. Stanford University
  3. Harvard University
  4. California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
  5. University of Chicago

Duration of MS in the United States

The duration of completion of a Master in Science degree ranges from 1.5 to 2 years. Nonetheless, some of the science disciplines, such as computer science and engineering, might take 3-5 years to complete. In the case of medicine courses, the duration exceeds to six years. It depends on the specialization that you opt for.

Tests Scores and Eligibility Required for Admission


You must be familiar with The International English Language Testing System, which is required by various international institutions to acquire undergraduate, postgraduate, and other degrees. You must score 6.5 as a minimum score bracket to 9 as the maximum. The score criteria vary depending on the institution.


GRE is the most crucial test to pass for acquiring a seat in a master’s degree, and it is the most commonly required test at international universities.

English as a Foreign Language Exam 

You need to score 80 on the TOEFL exam to fit into the eligibility criteria for the study of MS in the United States of America. Apart from TOEFL, the GMAT score is also an essential aspect of the admission requirement.

To pursue masters in the US, you need to be a graduate with a minimum GPA of 7-9 in Science disciplines, depending on the institution you are applying to.

8 Job Opportunities After MS 

  1. Software Developer
  2. AI scientist
  3. Virtual Reality designer
  4. Biotechnologist
  5. Teacher/Professor
  6. Marketing Specialist
  7. Business analyst
  8. Nurses and many more

You can go for research work or avail of college placements after the completion of your MS degree from the United States. 

Documents Required

  1. Passport
  2. Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  3. Transcripts
  4. Marksheets and pass certificates
  5. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  6. Letters of Recommendation 
  7. Entrance Exam Scorecards – GRE/ GMAT/ LSAT/ MCAT
  8. English Language Proficiency Test Scores
  9. Statement of Purpose 
  10. Application confirmation copy
  11. Essays
  12. Certificates for extra-curricular activities
  13. Proof of Funds

Wrapping  Up!

You can easily fulfill your dream of pursuing higher studies in the US. Consider the details mentioned above to get started with the admission procedure. Jamboree is one of the renowned and trusted platforms, and you can get the best counseling advice, exam preparation, and assistance in the application process. They are in a tie-up with some of the big, leading universities. You can choose from multiple domains and locations apart from MS in US. Visit their website for more precise information on education, exams, and the application process.

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