The Brilliance of GogoPDF: How to Use These 3 Tools

The Brilliance of c: How to Use These 3 Tools

Many people are searching for the right tools in compressing or splitting their PDFs, but an average user might not find one. If you need to use the mentioned tools right now, please know how to use them. With that, here are some brilliant GogoPDF features and how to use them.

Word to PDF

A PDF file is widespread, and most people use it for their books, contracts, or resumes. If you need to convert your Words files into PDFs, you can always use this tool from GogoPDF. This online software can help people handle their Word files and process them in a few clicks. Start transforming your files into editable and professional-looking PDFs. 

Just get any file from your PC and put it in the toolbox of the website. So here’s what you need to know more about the method of converting Word to PDF:

  1. Pick the Word files that you need to transform and upload them in GogoPDF.
  2. The conversion process will start in a moment.
  3. Please wait for it to be over.
  4. You can now save the converted file to your desktop or upload it to your online storage accounts.

Compress PDF

Hackers are breaching important files of many people every day, and it’s common in this digital era. Everything is getting worst, and high-profile individuals or companies are affected by this type of problem. With so much going on in this world that we are living in, the first thing that we need to do is to protect or encrypt any essential data.

If you wish to share your files with anyone on the internet, please make sure that you use the PDF file format. The protection feature of PDF files is an advantage for many of those who have sensitive documents. If you need your files to be compressed and send through email, this online tool is the perfect solution, and you need to use it now. 

There are also many advantages in compressing your PDFs, such as eating up less memory space of a computer or gadget, and it’s easier to upload on the internet because it has a small file size. If the mentioned information triggers your interest, don’t be confident with what we are saying and experience the convenience yourself! Use this compressor now and perform the four steps:

  1. Choose the documents from a computer or simply drag them into
  2. This online software will now compress your document.
  3. It might take a few seconds, wait for the process to be done.
  4. After squeezing your file, start downloading it to your desktop or share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Split PDF

We all know that students or employees are always busy with what they are doing, and if you are one, you should always be productive. Suppose you are making your presentation or report, and suddenly you need to remove some unimportant or unnecessary files. In that case, you need a tool that can easily split or remove any PDF pages. If you wish to avoid consuming a lot of your time, don’t scan your files one by one and seek help with the right tools.

If you find this tool, it’s perfect timing because GogoPDF will provide the Split PDF feature. GogoPDF is efficient and fast enough to split PDF files with large file sizes to separate them into individuals or smaller files. It will easily remove PDF pages or create separate PDF files, attachments, and chapters in four simple steps when you are using it. It’s a must-use PDF managing tool that can boost anyone’s productivity at the office or school. If you want to see the difference, try this tool now:

  1. Upload any PDF document from your computer or devices. Users can also perform the “Drag and Drop” method if they wish to.
  2. Choose the style of splitting your files. After that, press the right button to start the splitting process.
  3. While GogoPDF is separating your PDF file, please sit back and wait for it.
  4. The new split files are now ready for users to be downloaded. Try saving them to your desktop or share them on different online accounts.


The goal for every people should be making their lives easier when doing their tasks or job. If you are constantly handling PDF documents and want to use the tools for splitting or compressing your PDFs, you can never go wrong using the GogoPDF tools listed in this article. Start using GogoPDF now and enjoy doing your job.

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